Outriders: Where to Get the Voodoo Matchmaker Assault Rifle



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Outriders has a pretty complex weapon and gear progression system. Legendary weapons are the best of the best, but getting them is fairly challenging. The reason why it is so hard to get legendary weapons is because it is highly RNG-dependent. For now, there is no information about which bosses, NPCs, or mobs drop certain items, so it seems as though that this is completely random.

Outriders: Where to Get the Voodoo Matchmaker Assault Rifle

An example of a highly effective weapon would be the legendary Voodoo Matchmaker assault rifle. Many are fond of it, but not many know how they can get it.

Where to Get the Voodoo Matchmaker Assault Rifle – Outriders

Unfortunately, there isn’t an NPC that is guaranteed to drop this assault rifle, but there are ways you can farm legendary items, and have a chance of getting this weapon.

So, by the end, you will know a method that you can try to farm this weapon, but along the way, you will know how to farm other legendaries as well.

To get the Voodoo Matchmaker assault rifle in Outriders, you can use an unorthodox farming method:

NOTE: Before we jump into how you can do this, it is important to note that one must finish the Outriders storyline before jumping into farming, partly because the side-quest you will need unlock after completing the campaign.

It is recommended that you’re at World Tier 5 as well, as that increases your chances of getting legendary weapons. However, it is not a requirement.

  1. Go to Shira Gutmann’s office.
  2. Interact with Shira and get the “Terra Infirma” quest.
  3. Follow the quest marker, and clear out the first room of enemies.
  4. Soon enough, you will get to a barrier which leads to the location where you will need to farm. Here’s a reference picture:
  5. Ignore the first enemies you see, and get to the end of a map where there is a doorway.
  6. A captain will spawn, and focus on killing him first as fast as possible.
  7. Loot him, and then let the other mobs execute you.
  8. Rinse and repeat!

As it is said above, this isn’t a sure method of getting the Voodoo Matchmaker, but it is damn near the best method of potentially acquiring it, and other possible legendary items.

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