How To Deal 500 Damage With Arena Carriables in The Finals


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Deal 500 damage with Arena Carriables the right way in The Finals.

How To Deal 500 Damage With Arena Carriables in The Finals

Hitting moving targets consistently with your gun is already challenging in The Finals. Dealing damage by hurling random items at enemies? Now, that is even more challenging, but it is exactly what Carried Away requires – deal 500 damage to enemies using only arena carriables.

The Contract might sound like a piece of cake since the explosive red canister deals much damage. However, you’ll only be disappointed by thinking that a big red tank will let you clear this Contract easily.

We will walk you through dealing 500 damage with Arena Carriables so you can complete the Carried Away Contract in The Finals.

How to Deal 500 Damage with Carriables

A screenshot of the Flammable Cylinder Arena Carriable in The Finals.

The best way to deal 500 damage with carriables in The Finals is by picking up flower pots and hurling them towards enemies.

Flower pots deal 50 damage on contact, so you’ll only need to land at least ten pots to clear the Carried Away Weekly Contract. You can even get the Fatal Florist Achievement if you kill an enemy using the Flower Pot, so that’s a plus.

A screenshot of a Flower Pot Arena Carriable.

While the easier way to deal 500 damage with carriables would have been through the big red explosive tank, the explosive damage caused by that carriable does not count toward the Carried Away Contract in The Finals.

You can deal a significant amount of damage to enemies by hurling the red tank at enemies’ locations—however, only the red tank’s contact damage counts toward the Carried Away challenge. The same applies to the yellow explosives barrel and the green toxic gas tank.

Carriables in The Finals

A screenshot of a Chair Arena Carriable in The Finals.

Flower pots aren’t the only carriables you can throw to deal 500 damage with arena carriables in the Finals – you can deal contact damage with just about any item you can pick up in the arena, including chairs, trash bins, a mop, caution signs, and more.

A screenshot of a Caution Sign Arena Carriable.

With that said, here are the most common Arena Carriables in The Finals:

  • Explosive Cylinder – Flies fast and explodes at its final position, dealing damage to enemies in the area.
  • Flammable Cylinders – Explodes when shot. Deals explosion damage and fire damage in a small area.
  • Poison Cylinders – Behaves very similarly to the Flammable Cylinder. Releases toxic gas that deals damage over time in a large area.
  • Goo Cylinders – Creates a wall of Goo when thrown.
  • Powder Cylinders – Essentially a large smoke grenade. Releases thick smoke that covers a large area when thrown.

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Dealing 500 damage using Arena Carriables in The Finals would have been much easier if the game counted explosion damage from the big red tank. However, this isn’t the case, so you’ll have to turn to flower pots and other random objects to clear this Weekly Contract.

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