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Getting crowns in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a tricky business. More than often it is a real salad of jellybeans – all running towards it, pulling each other back, pushing each other into the pit and all jumping with open arms at it!

How To Get Crowns in Fall Guys

But this silly end is fitting when you consider the whole of the game. It has its share of randomness and unpredictability, but also some finesses and tricks that work. And because a lot of players have been struggling with collecting the crown, we decided to help! Let’s get into it!

How to Get Crowns in Fall Guys

If you’ve manage to outrun all the other players and get to the mere end – congratulations! We know the rush when you see that shining crown and we know that all you want to do is just grab it…

But you need to slow down and take a breath. There is always that perfect moment when the crown is at just the right height for you to jump and grab it. Go only for that moment.

Don’t be too greedy. “Don’t jump too soon” is a golden rule in this situation and you’ll be wise to follow it.

Beware Of The Meanies

If the round has been really close between you and a few other players, the end can get really hectic.

And people will become mean. Often times they will try to push you off the platform or pull you away or just grab you and make you miss your chance of collecting the crown. We suggest avoiding such players but be prepared to fight back in order to not get eliminated.

Remember than everyone wants to be the winner and that sometimes you can use their rage against them.

But if you desperately want to win, then you might want to go for some evil tactics and starting pushing people down. Then grab your win!

To Get A Crown Sometimes It’s All Just Luck

Yeah, it’s true. Because the game has its random elements, like not being able to choose your starting point for example, often times it’s hard to predict how things are going to roll. You might be far ahead of the second player but something unexpectedly will throw you behind and he will win instead.

Grabbing the crown itself is a tricky thing and sometimes when you’re behind, the guy before you will slip by only an inch, giving you a clear shot at victory.

What we mean to say is – don’t be too hard on yourself because there is always a new game and a new chance to get a crown. Try your best and have fun!

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