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Minecraft is a popular game with almost endless possibilities. However, a day might come when a player believes that they’ve already done everything there is to do in the game and built everything they could build. To keep players entertained and forget boredom, we’ve listed down some of the best things that players can do, especially those looking for more entertainment and fun in Minecraft.

How To Entertain Yourself in Minecraft

How To Keep Yourself Entertained in Minecraft

1. Playing Minecraft in hardcore mode

Most of the players who finished the game have only played it in a normal survival game mode. However, another version is more difficult than your regular survival mode, and it is called Minecraft hardcore.

In hardcore mode, players are restricted to a hard difficulty setting, which includes all mobs dealing a ton of damage than usual and players dying of starvation. Hardcore mode prevents the player from respawning, which means that once the player dies, the game is over. This game mode isn’t recommended for beginners in the game as even some veterans find this game mode extremely difficult to play, considering that the player only has one life.

2. Building a monument or statue

With more than a hundred different kinds of blocks available in the game, you could build any monument or statue you want using any block you like. Popular Minecraft creations include the statue of the ender dragon, the statue of liberty, the atlas statue, and a statue of a giant chicken. A friendly reminder when building large creations is to avoid using wooden blocks such as planks and logs, as these blocks are highly flammable and could catch on fire at any given moment, which may result in the entire structure going up in flames.

3. Building a roller coaster

One of the most popular creations in Minecraft is a roller coaster. And considering that Mojang has already added rails and minecarts into the game, creating roller coasters is easy, especially when combined into a red stone mechanism to create an automatic roller coaster. For fun, you can even create a roller coaster that will pass through the nether portal and back for easy travel.

4. Playing with TNT, beds, and respawn anchors

We all know that TNT explodes when ignited and deals a ton of damage to its surroundings. But did you know that spawn-related blocks such as beds and respawn anchors also explode? They each have a larger blast radius than your regular TNT and, when used strategically, can kill a dozen of mobs in a single blast. However, they must both be used in the wrong dimension to trigger the explosion. For instance, a bed that should only be used in the overworld will be used in the nether and the end instead, and a respawn anchor used in the nether alone will instead be used in the overworld and the end. And on a side note, you can stack TNT next to each other to create a chain reaction of explosions for amusement. However, make sure not to use this method when in a server in Minecraft multiplayer, as this can be considered griefing.

5. Trying out fun mods

What better way to spice things up in the game than to have fun playing with mods. There are a lot of available mods in Minecraft which can enhance your gaming experience. Some mods introduce new mobs while others enhance the biomes in the game to become even more realistic. Whatever the case may be, if you feel like making your Minecraft experience new and exciting, try out different mods and see where that will take you.

6. Playing on a custom map

Custom maps are a fun way to enjoy Minecraft while changing the pace from your dreary survival world. Some custom maps have creative storylines, exciting challenges, and impressive structures. Some custom maps can even take 100 hours to explore! If you are up for the task, there should be plenty of adventure maps for you to try that you can challenge heroes, fight mobs, and gain rewards. Alternatively, if you prefer mind games, some custom maps offer puzzles and intellectual challenges for you to take on.

7. Joining a Minecraft server

Some online Minecraft servers can be joined at any time without any prerequisites, although there are a few ones that will require you to register first. Online servers are fun as you can interact with many different players online and make new friends along the way. Online servers offer numerous activities such as building competitions, creative appreciations, and mini-games.

8. Go achievement hunting

Achievements or advancements mark a player’s reached milestone throughout his or her adventure in Minecraft. From getting your first diamond to obtaining the elytra, achievements follow you to the end. Although achievements can come naturally while doing daily things in Minecraft, some are either well hidden, too crazy, or too risky even to attempt. But this means that you can do these risky plays when you’re out of ideas and you’ve got nothing left to do.

9. Playing with redstone mechanisms

With the introduction of redstone, many taxing jobs in Minecraft have since been improved. Because of redstone mechanism, you can create fully automatic farms that remove hassle when harvesting, collecting, and farming. But for other fun options, you can try creating automatic mechanisms such as sliding doors and elevators and incorporate them inside your base to add a modern twist to your home.

10. Doing a Minecraft speedrun

If you are simply out of ideas and have already finished the game, why not try doing a Minecraft speedrun? A speedrun is when you try to finish the game in the shortest possible time. This means that the survival game that you usually finish at your own pace must be done in a limited time. To make it even more challenging, you can try setting a time limit for yourself with each milestone, such as reaching the end in 1 hour and killing the ender dragon within only 10 minutes.

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