How to Find An Allay in Minecraft


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One of Minecraft’s biggest updates, the 1.19 Wild Update, introduced new and unique mobs and game mechanics. But the best one out of all of them is the Allay. It is a small, cute floating mob designed to collect and deliver the players any item they are instructed to fetch around the area.

How to Find An Allay in Minecraft

Read on to discover this unique little mob, how to locate one, and more.

What is an Allay in Minecraft?

A screenshot of an Allay in Minecraft

The Allay is a blue floating passive mob that locates and fetches items for any player that provides something or with any note block it recently heard playing. The only catch is that players must first locate and free them from captivity to start doing their job.

How to use Allays in Minecraft?

In short, Allays act similarly to metal detectors in real life. When you give this mob an item, it will immediately start following you as it searches for more copies of that item. Once it locates one, it will retrieve that item and deliver it to you.

But they work the same way as any other mob in the game. You must stay within 64 blocks of the mob for it to continue following you. Otherwise, it will wander about aimlessly. The item it’s searching for must also be within 32 blocks of you for it to collect the item. If any note blocks are triggered near the Allay, it will spend 30 seconds circling the note block instead.

Optimally, these mobs can be incredibly useful for mob farms. You can use them to automatically collect any specific loot you want while leaving out the rest. Aside from this, you can also use these mobs to easily collect items dropped from a TNT explosion or when searching for lost loot around the area.

Do take note that Allays can only collect dropped items—those are items that look like tiny icons floating above the ground. This means that even if you command it to collect diamonds, it cannot fetch the ones you haven’t mined yet.

How do you find Allays in Minecraft?

A screenshot showing a pillager tower in Minecraft

Allays are unique passive mobs as they don’t normally spawn like any other passive mob in Minecraft. You can only find them in two specific places: inside the woodland mansion and in pillager outposts.

While pillager outposts may occasionally spawn with every hundred blocks or so, woodland mansions are much rarer as these spawn a thousand blocks from one another.

Pillager outposts look just like watchtowers in real life. These are usually surrounded by wooden jail cells containing iron golems or allays. Meanwhile, woodland mansions are large mansion-like structures located deep within dark forest biomes. Many mansions have jail cells inside, usually locked and guarded by vindicators. Inside these cells, there is a small chance that these mobs will generate in them.

Once you’ve freed them from captivity, quickly give them an item to command them to follow you automatically. You can easily lead them to safety and return them to your base.

How to breed Allays in Minecraft?

Breeding them can be tricky as these mobs don’t breed like cows or pigs in Minecraft do. You will need a jukebox, a music disc, and one amethyst shard to duplicate them.

Allays don’t breed quite like other creatures in Minecraft. You’ll need a jukebox, a music disc, and an amethyst shard, which you can mine inside amethyst geodes to duplicate your Allay.

A screenshot showing two allays breeding

Once you have everything ready, lead it towards the jukebox and play the music disc. Once the allay starts dancing to the rhythm, give it the amethyst shard to spawn another one. When you’ve successfully duplicated your allay, just wait at least 5 minutes before breeding the next batch, and you’re good to go.

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