How To Find an Ancient City in Minecraft



The Deep Dark Biome holds a gigantic, mysterious structure. Here’s how you can find an Ancient City in Minecraft.

How To Find an Ancient City in Minecraft

The Ancient City is one of the largest structures in the game that only generates in the Deep Dark biome. It has been added along with Minecraft’s biggest update, The Wild Update.

As its name suggests, Ancient Cities look like abandoned cities deep beneath the surface. This mysterious structure holds rare and valuable loot, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the game. However, this place is also home to the Warden, which is considered Minecraft’s strongest hostile mob.

The biggest problem is in actually locating an Ancient City in Minecraft. Like other structures in the game, locating one can be tricky, especially trying to find one without dying. This guide will tackle the best method for finding an Ancient City in Minecraft.

How to Find an Ancient City in Minecraft

Method 1: Knowing where it is located

The Ancient City is a structure exclusive to the Deep Dark biome. One thing to remember about this structure is that it only generates below Y level 0, meaning the closer you are to bedrock, the more likely you are to find one. When mining, it is best to reach Y level -52 first, then mine a straight path until you come across a Deep Dark biome. If you’re lucky enough, the Deep Dark biome might have an Ancient City.

A screenshot of a skulk catalyst in the Deep Dark Biome in Minecraft

Since the Ancient City is a large structure, it will most likely spawn beneath mountain biomes such as Jagged Peaks and Snowy Slopes. If you’re near those biomes, try finding a cavern nearby. This will help you save time trying to dig down.

You should always remember the first rule when digging down: never to dig straight down. Take note that Ancient Cities are tall, cavernous structures. This means you might fall greatly if you come in through the roof. If you have an Elytra, you can use it to prevent fall damage. When exploring, you should also bring a Potion of Night Vision and a Potion of Slow Falling.

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Method 2: Using cheats to locate its coordinates

If you’re having difficulty finding one and don’t mind using cheats, you can use the /locate command in the game. Simply type the following cheat code in the chat box and hit ENTER to activate the cheat:

  • For Minecraft Java Edition: /locate structure minecraft:ancient_city
  • For Minecraft Bedrock Edition: /locate ancientcity
A screenshot showing the command to locate an Ancient City in Minecraft

Once you’ve entered the cheat code, the game will give you the coordinates to the nearest Ancient City. You must enter the /tp@ command in the chat box and the given coordinates. Doing so will automatically teleport you there.

Method 3: Using Ancient City seeds

Seeds are the quickest and easiest method to find and reach an Ancient City immediately. You can use the following seeds to transport you directly above the location. Please note that you can only use seeds during world generation, as they cannot be used in-game.

  • For Minecraft Java Edition: 2817169686383787731
  • For Minecraft Bedrock Edition: -7969402200478764570
A screenshot of a seed that takes you straight to an Ancient City

Mobs that Spawn in an Ancient City

The Deep Dark biome is a unique biome that doesn’t spawn any hostile mob save for one: the Warden. When exploring ancient cities, you must be careful as Sculk Shriekers and Sculk Sensors are scattered everywhere. Sculk Shriekers and Sensors relay signals to each other to summon the Warden.

Whenever a player creates noise—be it through running or breaking blocks—any nearby Sculk Sensors and Shiekers will be triggered. This will put a mark on the player making the noise. Once a player reaches four noise marks, a Warden will be summoned. Note that the marks will accumulate whether you trigger the same or different Sculk Shriekers or Sensors.

A screenshot of the Warden standing next to the strange portal in an Ancient City

As the Warden is considered the strongest hostile mob in Minecraft, it is best to keep silent and avoid summoning this mob as much as possible. It deals the most melee and ranged damage out of all the mobs. And since it has 250 heart points, killing one is nearly impossible. Therefore, avoiding confronting this mob makes you more likely to survive.

Obtainable Loot from Ancient City Chests

A screenshot of loot inside an Ancient City chest

Treasure chests are scattered all over an Ancient City. Although dangerous, exploring one will be worth your while. Each chest inside may contain any of the following loot:

  • Amethyst Shards
  • Bones
  • Books
  • Bottle o’ Enchanting
  • Candles
  • Coal
  • Compass
  • Damaged Enchanted Diamond Hoe
  • Diamond Horse Armor
  • Disc Fragments
  • Echo Shards
  • Enchanted Books
  • Enchanted Diamond Leggings
  • Enchanted Golden Apple
  • Enchanted Iron Leggings
  • Glow Berries
  • Lead
  • Music Disc – 13
  • Music Disc – Cat
  • Music Disc – Otherside
  • Name Tags
  • Potion of Regeneration
  • Saddles
  • Soul Torches
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