How to Fix Call Of Duty – Cold War: Sound Issues, Umbrella Merge Conflict, and PS Store Error


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Call of Duty: Cold War has been having some issues from its release. But amazingly, there aren’t as many as you would expect from a game as massive as this.

How to Fix Call Of Duty - Cold War: Sound Issues, Umbrella Merge Conflict, and PS Store Error

There aren’t really in-game bugs, but there are some sound, connection, and store errors. If you ask me, that’s pretty good until there aren’t any game bugs.

For these issues, there are quite a few fixes so you do not need to worry. This is how to fix Call Of Duty: Cold War’ common issues.

How to Fix Sound Issues

This bug constitutes having muffled or static audio sounds in-game. Since the reports came in, the game’s developers have provided us with a solution to this problem.

They have also announced that they will be releasing a major rework to the sounds, including adding presets to give players more freedom with their sound.

If you have sound issues in Call Of Duty: Cold War, this is how to fix them:

  1. Navigate to Settings on your menu.
  2. Go to the Audio tab.
  3. Find Audio Presets in the list of options.
  4. Change it to High Boost.
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How to Fix Umbrella Merge Conflict

Upon release, players started to get the “Umbrella Merge Conflict” message when trying to join lobbies. This message doesn’t provide much details about what the issue is particularly about, but we know that it is a connection to server-type error.

This is to be expected from a game as new as this. Most of the new releases take up some time to fine-tune their servers to work in coloration with the game and players.

Nonetheless, this is how to fix the Umbrella Merge Conflict:

  • Restart the game. Try restarting the game to establish a new connection with Cold War’s servers. This wipes the old connection, and makes a new one.

Try this a couple of times. If the problem is still persistent, try method two.

  • Restart your router. When restarting a router, it will re-configure your connection to the ISP. ISP plays a big factor when connecting to game servers.

If you have tried this to no avail, consider trying method three.

  • If you are using wi-fi to connect, or using an ethernet cable, switch between the two. In other words, if you use wi-fi, switch to an ethernet cable, and the other way around.

How to Fix PS Store Error

This is not a Cold War error per se. It’s probably something to do with the PS Store and not as much with the game.

In some cases, apperantly when searching for Cold War on the PS Store, it doesn’t appear anywhere. We are still not sure if there are other games like this, and with which keywords the game isn’t being showed.

Nevertheless, if you have PS Store Error, this is how to fix it:

  1. Login on PS official website from a computer or mobile.
  2. Search for Cold War.
  3. Click download.
  4. Finish check-out.

After that, your game will start downloading on you PS4.

All in all, there aren’t many problems with this game. For now, that is good news, but we will see how thing unfold in the future.

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