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Returnal is finally here, and to say the launch is a bit eventful is not an exaggeration. There have reports that have emerged, of some players getting stuck in a certain room or a level in the game. This rougelite cannot be experienced fully, if you get stuck in a certain sport. This has led to many completely deleting their progress and starting from scratch. But is there a fix for the stuck in the room glitch in Returnal?

How to Fix Returnal Stuck in Room

Fix Stuck in Room – Returnal

Unfortunately, there have been no official fixes as of yet, or discoveries as to whether this is an underlying issue with the game. But judging from the scale of the problem, one can only assume that Housemarque, Returnal’s developers are aware of the issue.

One thing which is common about this glitch is a bit bizarre. The players that have been getting stuck in a room in some location in Returnal, mostly use a DLC suit.

This is not yet confirmed, but that is the most common variable that people mention about this bug.

For some reason, the player’s choice of gear might lead to getting stuck at a certain stage of the game. This is quite bizarre, but for now, try to use the default gear as much as possible.

Also, it is fair to mention again, that none of this information is confirmed just yet. It is based on the reports and the feedback that the players have been sharing. If you’re already stuck in a level, try to change your gear to something else. Then, quit out of Returnal and then try to get out of the room. You can also try a simple restart firstly.

Housemarque already released a new update, even though the game has only been out for a few days. This update didn’t include a fix for the stuck glitch in the game, but it did have a lot of minimalistic bug fixes.

If you have found an unofficial fix for this bug, please do let us know. Also, make sure to share your experience on the Returnal reddit page.

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