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The things are quite different with Returnal, compared to other third-person shooters. For one, it is a roguelike title, which means that the cycles are never ending, and you might play the same stages each time you hop on. But what is the most asked question in this game is whether there is a way to save the progress while in game. After all, some cycles last for a few hours at a time.

Returnal Saving | How to Save In-Game

How to Save In-Game – Returnal

This has been on the minds of many since the launch of the game. Primarily because, sometimes one run might last a few hours. Playing for a couple of hours nonstop is no easy feat.

Having the ability to save and quite out of the game to grab a bit or play a more relaxed game, is non-existent in Returnal. Yes, unfortunately, there is no way to save the game in Returnal. After all, there is not even a main menu in the game.

Whenever players launch Returnal, they’re immediately thrust into the Returnal world, particularly at the crash site.

Players have tried to find some workarounds, but even though it makes sense for this game to have a manual save feature, it defeats the purpose of the game. The purpose which is that the whole process of finishing and then returning to a certain cycle is the essence of the game.

There are ways with which you can step away from the controller for a while.

One is pausing the game, and if you’re gone long enough, the PS5 will go into rest mode, which won’t erase all of your progress, and will keep the game open.

Another way is to directly place your PS5 into rest mode. That way, the PlayStation won’t use too much power, and will keep the game open. It is important not to close the game before placing your PS5 to rest mode though.

While this isn’t enough to make up for not having a save feature, it is at least something which will allow players to get some rest. Unfortunately, playing another game while Returnal is open on the PS5 is impossible.

So, if you want to play another game, you must complete the stage, or quit the game and lose all of the progress. Players have been vocal about the fact that there isn’t a save feature, but whether they’ll add it in the future is highly unlikely.

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