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What I am most fond of in the newest addition of Call of Duty, the Cold War, is by the fact that you can choose different ways to do the missions in it. Each choice can affect the outcome of the game.

How to get a keycard in Desperate Measures Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

This adds a “more in control” aspect to the game. Recent COD games started to do this, while before, the story was completely stale and usually featured the same outcome.

Nonetheless, we are here to talk about the Desperate Measures mission, but more specifically persuading the prisoner and getting the keycard.

How to Get the Keycard in Desperate Measures – COD Black Ops Cold War

I mentioned all of those things about the new campaign style in Cold War because the Desperate Measures mission, features a few choices on how to obtain a bunker key. Those choices include:

  • Reprogram a Keycard
  • Frame Charkov
  • Poison Charkov
  • Persuade Prisoner

Each of these has their own good and bad sides, but one of the easiest ones is persuading the prisoner. This is how to get the keycard in Desperate Measures by persuading the prisoner in Cold War:

  1. At the beginning of the mission, inform Adler that you’ll find the person interrogation.
  2. When you have the next meeting inform them to give the keys to someone they trust. Which means that only Charkov will get a key.
  3. Go to the records room now. You will have to lockpick the door. Also, watch out there is a guard inside.
  4. Deal with the guard swiftly and do not make a sound. Next, lockpick the door in the back.
  5. You’ll get a lot of information on the prisoner’s family.
  6. Now get to the interrogation room, where the prisoner is. Use the map if you can’t find it.
  7. Choose these interactions:
  • “You will die here. But you can have…”
  • [Prisoner File] “I have read your file. The KGB…”
  • [Persuade] “If you help me, I can guarantee…”
  • “I need you to kill General Charkov for me…”
  1. After that, leave the interrogation room and you will see Charkov going to the prisoner. Let him do his thing and enter after that.
  2. Tell the guard not to let anybody in. At this point you can get the keycard.

After doing this you can continue with the mission. It’s a pretty long mission so you will have to finish quite a number of other objectives before you get it done. Good luck!

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