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With millions of creatures in Bugsnax, it’s hard to make out how to catch some of them. The developers have done an excellent job of the diversity in bugs, as well as the differences in the ways of catching them.

Bugsnax: How to Catch a Bunger

Some might even be bizarre when you think about how you need to catch them. But that’s the basic theme of the game, the weirder the game, the better.

Bungers in Bugsnax also can be caught in a weird way. Keep reading to see how.

How to Catch a Bunger – Bugsnax

  1. These bugs will run into things. One thing they like is ketchup. So, you will need to have the Sauce Slinger and ketchup.
  2. Find two Bungers at close proximity of each other.
  3. Get him as close as possible throwing ketchup on the floor.
  4. Once they’re close enough, throw a ketchup on one of them, and the other will run into it and stun it.
  5. When the creature is stunned, you can catch it, i.e. obtain it.

Catching Bungers will be a requirement as soon as you start your journey in this world. This will happen after Wambus gives you a Sauce Slinger.

What’s interesting about these creatures is their love of ketchup. Interestingly though, they will attack anything in ketchup, i.e. ram into it.

Can They Be Stunned in a Different Way?

Unfortunately, no. You need to find two Bungers in order to catch one of them. It’s a common misconception, most players find themselves throwing ketchup on rocks, trees, etc.

There is another bug which can be caught with ketchup too. These are Shishkabugs and they share the same love for ketchup as Bungers.

As I said, there are bugs which are really difficult to catch. Some might say that the Crispy Snakpod is easy to catch, but that can’t be further from the truth.

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