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Unlocking Artifacts in Risk Of Rain 2 is advance stuff. There are 16 unique Artifacts in the game, scattered through different locations and all possess a particular mode of influencing the game. Those influences can be mild or deadly, and they’re interesting and hard enough for every serious Risk Of Rain 2 player.

How To Get Artifacts & Unlock Them In Risk Of Rain 2

Activating the effects can mean a glorious fun or a game over, so we suggest finding the one that seems most comfortable for you and starting there. We will discuss the locations of all Artifacts in Risk Of Rain 2, their uses and their code combinations as well, so you don’t have to worry about sticking with only one. Let’s begin!

All Artifacts And Locations In Risk Of Rain 2

Let’s take a look at all artifact & locations in risk of rain 2 :

Artifact of Chaos

Location: Abandoned Aqueduct, near Ancient Gate / Abandoned Aqueduct, inside Ancient Gate

Effect: Enables Friendly Fire for you and all monsters

Artifact of Command

Location: Bazaar Between Time, behind Newt

Effect: Let’s you choose an item

Artifact of Death

Location: Wetlands Aspect, near the Altar to N’Kuhana

Effect: If one player dies, all the players die as well

Artifact of Dissonance

Location: Abyssal Depths, on a floating island (the code is rotated 90° counterclockwise)

Effect: Monsters appear everywhere, not only where they are usually found

Artifact of Enigma

Location: Bulwark’s Ambry, behind the big cube

Effect: You spawn with random equipment every time the Artifact is activated

Artifact of Evolution

Location: A Moment, Whole, tattoo on the Twisted Scavenger’s body

Effect: Monsters get items between stages

Artifact of Frailty

Location: Siren’s Call, on a hill left on the map – 1st part / Void Fields, down next to dead Void Reavers – 2nd part

Effect: The fall damage is doubled and can kill you

Artifact of Glass

Location: A Moment, Fractured, behind the obelisk

Effect: Your allies deal 500% more damage but have 10% less health

Artifact of Honor

Location: Sky Meadow, next to the Compound Generator

Effect: Enemies spawn as elites

Artifact of Kin

Location: Distant Roost, on the highest piece of ground

Effect: Monsters will be in only one type per stage

Artifact of Metamorphosis

Location: Titanic Plains, the pillar on the rightmost

Effect: Players will spawn as random survivors

Artifact of Sacrifice

Location: Gilded Coast, at the bottom of the water pool

Effect: Monsters drop items when they die, but chests don’t spawn anymore

Artifact of Soul

Location: Scorched Acres, on the high island

Effect: Wisps emerge when you kill monsters

Artifact of Spite

Location: Settings menu, in the right corner behind the fire

Effect: Enemies drop exploding bombs when they die

Artifact of Swarms

Location: Rallypoint Delta, on the far island in the middle of the lake

Effect: Monsters are doubled in numbers, but at half of their health

Artifact of Vengeance

Location: A Moment, Fractured, open the Environmental Log and twist the item to read it from upside down

Effect: A doppelganger will invade you every 10 seconds

Artifacts Risk of Rain 2 Codes

The codes combinations in which the different Artifacts are written are lines of squares, diamonds, circles and triangles. There are always four lines, with specific sequences for specific Artifacts that you can unlock. Here are all artifacts codes:

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