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Madden NFL 21 just came out, and it is getting a lot of hype, and no wonder. The game has been refreshed a lot from its predecessor with a million new things.

How To Get Crown Tokens Madden 21

One of those things is the promos they are organizing. You can get pretty good rewards from doing these promos. One particular promo stands out, and that’s the Twitch one. You can get crown tokens, which can be used to get either a 97 OVR player or three 90 OVR players.

We are giving you the details on how to get crown tokens in Madden NFL 21!

All About Crown Tokens In Madden 21

The basic premise is that a Twitch event is hosted every Tuesday, and if you tune in, you get a crown token.

Crown tokens are kind of a spendable currency which you can trade in to get four players. All these players are pretty strong, so you would want to collect these. Five crowns are needed to get one of three NAT 90 OVR players.

However, if you want to get Derwin James Jr., who has a 97 OVR, you need to collect and save these tokens for the Finale of Derwin vs. World, which is in February.

How to get these crown tokens?

You get one for free when you open the Derwin James VS The World Welcome Pack, along with instructions on the crown tokens.

You need to tune in for two hours every Tuesday at 8 PM ET on Twitch and find this stream. We don’t know actually for how long you need to be on the stream until you get a crown token. Chances are the giveaways will be at the end.

But this is no problem since the event will be a lot of fun, featuring pro athletes, superstars, actors, celebrities, etc. Also, of course, the one and only Derwin James.

There will be competitions and challenges, and it all sounds pretty exciting. This is expected from Madden since the event will be in their theme.

The players you can get are: Keenan Allen, Jalen Ramsey, Nick Chubb, and Derwin James Jr. The first three are 90 OVR and cost 5 Crown Tokens to acquire, while Derwin costs all of the tokens. Be careful if you want to get Derwin because you’ll need to save each crown token you get. Good luck!

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