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In Adopt Me, pets are one of the things players want to get the most. Pets are divided into certain classes according to their rarity. It can sometimes be quite challenging for players to obtain good pets with a high rarity.

How to Get Good Pets in Adopt Me

Although it is difficult to get good pets, there are various ways to get them. Let’s look at these ways now!

How to Get Good Pets?

There are two ways players can get good pets in the game. The first is to earn Bucks, and the second is to buy Robux.

Buck is the name given to the money that players earn in various ways in the game. Players can buy multiple eggs with Bucks and have pets to hatch from these eggs.

There are various ways to earn bucks, such as paychecks, login bonuses, objectives, and money trees. Players earn 20 Bucks for every 10-15 minutes they spend in the game via paychecks. Even if you open the game in the background, this money comes to you regularly, and all you have to do is collect it. This way, you can open the game in the background and earn Bucks even when you have any job.

The other way to earn Bucks is to log in to the game every day. The amount of Bucks given due to regularly entering every day will be multiplied, thus increasing the possibility of getting a good pet.

You can also get Bucks by doing objectives related to your pet. Blue objectives give an average of 7 Bucks, and orange objectives give 12 Bucks.

Finally, you can earn Bucks by harvesting Money Trees placed in your home. You have the opportunity to gather 8 Bucks on Money Trees per real-life hour. However, you can harvest a maximum of 100 Bucks on a real-life day.

With the Bucks you earn in these ways, you can increase your chances of catching good pets by buying more expensive eggs.

The second way to get good pets is to buy Robux with real money. While you can buy limited pets directly on sale with Robux, you can convert the Robux to Bucks to increase your chances of getting more eggs and hatching good pets. You can also sell lemonade by purchasing a lemonade stand with Robux, and you can earn Bucks to get pets.

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