How to get Mida Multi-Tool in Destiny 2, along with Mida Mini-Tool


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When it comes to Destiny 2 Scout Rifles, none are faster firing than Mida Multi-Tool. This gun rips through 200 rounds per minute, which makes it extremely effective from a distance. Not only that, having it equipped boosts your speed, and its “Mida Radar” perk lets your radar stay up even while you’re hard scoping a lane. Hearing all this may leaving you wanting to know how to get Mida Multi-Tool in Destiny 2. Fortunately, it’s a lot easier than it used to be (though some longtime players may not like that).

How to get Mida Multi-Tool in Destiny 2, along with Mida Mini-Tool

You can buy Mida Multi-Tool these days

When Destiny 2 first came on the scene in 2017, Mida Multi-Tool was originally a reward from a Quest that started on Earth’s EDZ (European Dead Zone). Why’s that Quest now gone, you ask? Well, you have the Destiny Content Vault to thank for that. Bungie saw fit to stuff that content away, so now it — and the fun bit of story that came from it — is inaccessible. At the least, Mida Multi-Tool still remains a gun you can get.

Monument to Lost Lights

To nab it, you’ll need to head to the Tower and visit the Monument to Lost Lights. You’ll need to have some very specific currencies on your character to make the purchase, so check that you have all of the following:

If you’ve got all of that handy, open the Monument to Lost Lights and enter the “Red War Exotics” section. You’ll be able to spot Mida Multi-Tool sitting in the second spot in the lineup.

By the way, you can still get Mida Mini-Tool, too

What the heck is a Mida Mini-Tool, you ask? Well, back when its older Exotic sibling was part of a Quest, you originally got the Mini-Tool and were required to get kills with it in order to move the Quest forward. Obviously, since that quest is gone, the Mini-Tool doesn’t play that role anymore.

But don’t go thinking it’s just a “nice to have” now and that’s it. There are still benefits to owning this weapon. Mida Mini-Tool comes with a perk called called “Mida Synergy” that grants you additional speed. If you go full Mida and equip both, you’re even faster than before.

So where can you get the Mida Mini-Tool? It can be purchased from the Gunsmith in the Tower. Head over, open his screen, and then use the page-over function to open up his second screen of items. There’ll be a section called “Miscellaneous” there, and that’s where you’ll find Mida Mini-Tool. You’ll need:

  • 1,000 Glimmer
  • 25 Legendary Shards
  • 35 Gunsmith Materials

Chances are, you have all of that already.

And that’s all there is to it! You now know how to get Mida Multi-Tool in Destiny 2, as well as where you can find Mida Mini-Tool if you’re looking to complete the Mida set.

Mida Multi-Tool is a downright nuisance in Crucible, so be sure to break it out there when you get a chance — especially on maps with long sightlines. You’ll give the snipers fits.

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