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The recently released Tales of Arise is one of the best JRPGs in recent memory. If you’ve played any game in the series before—or any JRPG for that matter—you know you’re going to have to grind to become stronger in the game.

In Tales of Arise, there are actually quite a few things to grind for. First, you’ll need to level up your characters with XP. You’ll also have to grind for Skill Points (SP), which allow Alphen and the gang to learn new active and passive abilities to use in combat. These are both easily accomplished by engaging in battles.

Earning gald, the game’s currency, is a different matter. A lot of players complain that it’s tough to make money in the game. Tales of Arise is not like most JRPGs. You can’t earn gald through fighting enemies.

Grinding for gald is important. You’ll need it to buy items and armor for your party. It’s also essential when crafting weapons and new accessories.

Here are a few tips to get gald quickly in Tales of Arise.

Sell Materials

In Tales of Arise, you’ll find materials primarily in battle and on the field. Materials are used for cooking and crafting weapons. Once you have built all the weapons in the shop and moved on to a new dungeon, chances are that you won’t be needing the materials you’ve acquired from the previous monsters you’ve fought.

You can also sell the stones you get from mining. However, we don’t suggest selling anything other than the Copper Stone Chunk. Minerals will always come in handy when you’re leveling up your accessories in the game.

Chain Your Battles

A good feature in Tales of Arise is the ability to chain battles together. Chaining battles rewards you with more SP, XP, and dropped items after the fight. There are five levels of battle chains in the game, and a higher chain means more bonuses.

However, you need to keep in mind that after you hit the fifth level, your chain meter is going to drop quickly, so you’ll need to find areas with dozens of enemies to keep the chain from dropping.

Farm for Dog Tags

Dog tags are the best item to sell in the game because you can get a ton of them from Renan Imperial Soldiers. However, there are only a few areas where you can fight Renan Imperial Soldiers, and they aren’t permanent farming areas.

During the first arc of the game, you can fight them at Glanymede Castle. In the second arc, they are found in Riville Prison Tower. In the third arc, they are in Autelina Palace. In the fourth arc, they are in the warship. In the fifth arc, they are in Del Fharis Castle.

When you reach these dungeons in the game, make sure to farm for dog tags as much as you can. Use Happy Bottles when you can to increase the number of items you get after a battle. Of course, take advantage of battle chains as well.

Cook the Right Food

Whenever you rest at camp or an inn, you’ll be prompted to cook food for the entire party. Each recipe has unique bonuses. If you are looking to earn more gald in the game, then you should cook Lohikeitto. This dish provides a bonus that gives you more dropped items after a fight. It lasts for four minutes, but if you cook it with Kisara, the effect lasts 20% longer.

To get the recipe, you need to finish the “Hard Liquor” sub-quest on Messia 224. This quest requires you to get four earth seeds. These can be acquired by beating Ropers at Ulvhan Grotto.

The ingredients for cooking Lohikeitto are two potatoes, one milk, and one salmon. Now, if you combine this with the effects of battle chains, you’re going to get a lot of materials after each fight. If you find a nice farming spot, you’ll be able to acquire lots of good materials that you can sell in shops.

Fish Around Dahna

Once you get Kisara as a permanent party member, she’ll teach you how to fish. Some of the fish that you get from this side activity can be used for cooking. You can sell the rest inside the shop. It’s a good way to increase your gald while enjoying one of the best minigames in Tales of Arise.

There are many fishing spots in Dahna. They are marked on your map with a fishhook icon. You don’t need to spend any money on fishing. So long as you have good bait and a rod, you’ll be able to earn a lot of gald from fishing.

Complete Sub-Quests

Sub-quests are tasks that you can get and complete from NPCs. There are dozens of sub-quests in the game. They often include getting items for an NPC, defeating specific enemies on the field, and even taking out the Gigants scattered across the map. Finishing a sub-quest gives you some items, SP, and gald.

You can get a ton of gald for completing sub-quests. Sub-quests are hard to miss. They are marked with a green star on your map. The game will also guide you by showing what your objectives are. You can take on as many sub-quests as you want in the game. However, we suggest doing them as soon as you can for that extra gald.

These are some of the best ways you can earn gald in Tales of Arise. It’s a crucial skill to have. With these gald-earning tips, Alphen and the gang will be swimming in riches in no time. If you have a tip for earning gald that we missed, be sure to let us know in the comment section.

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