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Here’s how to get the Ocelot Virtue in GTA 5.

How to Get Ocelot Virtue in GTA 5

The Ocelot Virtue is a new vehicle recently added in the March 16th LS Drug Wars update. The new car will cost an arm and a leg in-game. However, Rockstar Games has graciously given players a way to acquire this all-electric hypercar without spending a penny.

This quick guide will walk you through how to get the Ocelot Virtue in GTA 5.

Ocelot Vitrue Overview

The Ocelot Virtue is a two-door electric supercar built by British vehicle manufacturer Ocelot. It is one of the newest vehicles to be introduced to the game, added back on March 16 as part of the Last Dose Weekly Event.

red ocelot vitue

Performance car enthusiasts will immediately spot a striking similarity between the Ocelot Virtue and the Lotus Evija. Both vehicles share a similar front and rear fascia and an identical drivetrain.

Powering the Virtue are electric motors and a CVT single-speed transmission. This combination propels the Virtue from 0 to 100 KPH in just 1.7 seconds, making it the fastest accelerating vehicle in GTA 5/GTA Online. It has a top speed of 119.25 MPH (191.91 KM/H) and weighs just 1,680 KG.

The Virtue also carries a suite of technological features, the most interesting of which is the inclusion of a Remote Control Unit that allows you to control the car externally via remote. Other features include a Missle Lock-on Jammer and a Slick Proximity Mine.

How to get the Ocelot Virtue in GTA 5/GTA Online

There are two ways to get the Ocelot Virtue in GTA 5/GTA Online. Check out the guide below to get a better idea.

Purchase from Legendary Motorsport

You can get the Ocelot Virtue via the Legendary Motorsport website in GTA Online for $2,980,000.

  1. Bring up your in-game smartphone and navigate to the web browser app:

2. In the eyefind homepage, select the Legendary Motorsport icon to go to the website:

3. Scroll through the car listings on Legendary Motorsport to find the Ocelot Virtue. Click on the image to learn about Vehicle Stats and the Available Colors for the Virtue.

4. Click the Order button to purchase the car, then select the property where you want the car delivered.

Purchase the Ocelot Virtue from Legendary Motorsport

Receive as a bonus item from The Last Dose

You can also get the Ocelot Virtue for free by completing the Last Dose event. After you complete Last Dose 5 – BDKD, a notification should appear in the upper left corner of your screen, notifying you that Dax has left Dr. Friedlander’s Ocelot Virtue in a parking lot marked on the map.

When you get in the car, the game will ask you to select a garage to store the Ocelot Virtue. Pick any property you own to keep the car permanently on your account.

It is important to note that you will only get the Ocelot Virtue if you complete each of The Last Dose missions as a host. So ensure you complete each mission solo or while hosting a group of 4 players.

Can you sell the Ocelot Virtue in GTA Online?

You can sell the Ocelot Virtue for 50% of its original purchase price at Los Santos Customs. If you have upgrades installed on the vehicle, you will receive 50% of the cost of the upgrades on top of the sale price.

ocelot virtue in LS Customs

However, if you acquired the Ocelot Virtue via The Last Dose in GTA Online, you will only get 50% of the cost of upgrades when you sell the car at LS Customs.

Can you still get the Ocelot Virtue for free in GTA 5?

You can still get the Ocelot Virtue for free by completing The Last Dose missions in GTA 5. Dax will give the car to you after you complete all five missions in The Last Dose event.

The Last Dose mission is the finale of the LS Drug Wars and a continuation of the First Dose event. As a reward for your efforts, Rockstar Games will give you an Ocelot Virtue for free after you complete the event.

Dr. Friedlander’s Virtue

The Ocelot Virtue is arguably one of the most sought-after vehicles in GTA 5 and GTA Online right now, It boasts one of the quickest 0-100 KPH times in the game, and it looks great as well.

Fortunately, the Ocelot Virtue isn’t too difficult to acquire. You can easily get the electric hypercar in-game through Legendary Motorsport or by completing The Last Dose missions in GTA Online.

Follow the guide above to add the Ocelot Virtue to your garage in GTA 5/GTA Online.

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