How to Get Plasma Fruit in The Sims 4


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We all know that a vampire’s most prominent trait is its insatiable thirst for blood. In The Sims 4, these fanged creatures usually go up to an oblivious human to feed on them. But some vampires who find violence distasteful prefer ingesting a piece of Plasma Fruit instead.

How to Get Plasma Fruit in The Sims 4

Plasma Fruit is a food item Sims consume as a substitute for human blood — or Plasma, as the game would call it. Those who choose Plasma Fruit as their main sustenance are called Good Vampires.

That’s not to say these vampires do not like the taste of human Plasma. Good Vampires would much rather have a human’s consent to drink from them. If that’s right up your alley, you can select the Good Vampire aspiration for your Sims in CAS or the Aspiration Panel in Live Mode.

A Sim who aspires to be a Good Vampire will need a huge supply of Plasma Fruit to sustain itself. So here is what they must do to get nourishment and avoid dying from thirst.

Plasma Fruit Location

Plasma Tree

Plasma Fruit can be harvested from the mysterious and rare Plasma Tree. Obtaining Plasma is easy, but there are some things you must consider to ensure that your altruistic vampires will never run out of it.

One notable location of a Wild Plasma Tree is behind Count Vladislaus Straud IV’s mansion in the Forgotten Hollow. Vlad’s mansion is the biggest house you will see in town, so it should not be hard to find it. Your Sim can freely visit Vlad’s home, pluck one fruit from that tree, and consume it as is.

Harvest and Replant

Plasma Plant2

If your vampire is fully-fed or nowhere near parched, replanting the Plasma Fruit harvested from Plasma Tree is a much wiser move. It takes a few days for the Plasma Tree to mature, and you can obtain numerous Plasma Fruits per harvest. 

Sims can also purchase Plasma seeds through their computer, but they must improve their Vampire Lore skill to Level 8 to unlock the “Purchase Plasma Fruit Seeds” interaction on the Vampire Secrets site. You can buy a pack of Plasma Seeds for 300 Simoleons.

Obtaining Plasma Pack

Plasma Pack2

Plasma Pack is a processed beverage made from Plasma Fruit. Every Good Vampire must have a supply of Plasma packs in case they exhaust all their Plasma Fruit stash. Here are the ways you can obtain them:

Order Online

Plasma Pack

Like Plasma Seeds, Sims can also order Plasma Packs through their computer. However, your Sims must hit Level 3 in the Vampire Lore skill to access this feature on the Vampire Secrets site. You can get a pack of Plasma juice for the price of 50 Simoleons.

Hunt for Fish and Frogs

Plasma Frog

Sims who are strapped for Simoleons can catch Frogs or Fish and turn them into Plasma. At Vampire Lore skill Level 5, Sims acquire the ability to extract Plasma from these tiny collectible creatures. Frogs of all shapes and sizes are commonly found in logs, wells, and ponds. Meanwhile, fish can be caught in any river or lake near a fishing spot sign.

Plasma and its Uses

Plasma is an important commodity for all types of vampires. Surprisingly, Plasma has many other uses besides being part of a vampire’s diet. Below we have cited all the benefits you can get from Plasma Fruit and Plasma Packs:

Use Plasma to Fill up Thirst Bar

Plasma Sip

Vampires get the Thirst bar instead of Hunger. The only way to fill up that meter is to consume Human Plasma or Plasma Fruit. Good Vampires can daintily suck up the juices from Plasma Fruit or Plasma Pack with a straw to quench their thirst.

Incorporate Plasma in a Dish

Plasma Eat

Vampires who like to cook can make a palatable dish with an added ingredient of Plasma. You can add Plasma to any meal that requires fruit.

Plasma Salad is a dish your Sims can unlock after reaching Level 9 in the Vampire Lore skill. Eating Plasma Salad can give your Sims the Delicious Vampire Dish! Moodlet, which raises their happiness to 1.

Mix Plasma in Drinks

Plasma Drink1

Human Plasma may be their favorite refreshment, but vampires could not say no to a cocktail mixed with Plasma juice. Downing a Plasma-flavored beverage will make your Sims feel happy and energized.

One of the Plasma drinks they can concoct in a bar has the power to reset their vampire power’s allocated points. It’s called The Draught of Configuration, which requires two Plasma Fruit, two Garlic, and two Wolfsbane.

The Ultimate Vampire Cure

Plasma Drink2

Gulping down this potent elixir will turn your all-powerful vampire into a plain old regular Sim. You will need 10 Plasma Fruit, 10 Garlic, and 10 Wolfsbane to create the Ultimate Vampire Cure. 

And that is how you acquire Plasma in The Sims 4: Vampires! Check out our How to Become A Vampire guide if you want to know all the different ways you can turn into a vampire in The Sims 4.

Credits: Small Vampire House grabbed from the Rose_Nymeria’s page in the Gallery.

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