How to Get Skywing Mk1 in Free Fire for Free



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Many deem Garena Free Fire even better than Fortnite and PUBG on mobile. While there are strong arguments on both sides, it is no secret that this game has amassed quite the player base. Today, it is loved by many, and every new update brings some new content that players can enjoy, and some fundamental changes to the gameplay itself. That was the case with the latest patch.

How to Get Skywing Mk1 in Free Fire for Free

The most notable new addition to the game was the agile Skywing Mk1. It will most probably replace some of the current means of travel when exiting the plane at the start of a match.

Skywing Mk1 for Free in Garena Free Fire

Along with the newest update, an event started to take place in Garena Free Fire. It is called K.O Night and there are multiple rewards to be gained from it.

From this particular event, players can also acquire the Skywing Mk1 by logging in for 7 straight days. By doing so, players can acquire that vehicle along with some other free goodies, which they can get by logging onto the game for less than seven times.

Here are all of the rewards which you can get from the K.O Night event in Garena Free Fire:

  • Skywing Mk1 – 7-day Login
  • X2 Pet Food – 5-day Login
  • X500 Universal Fragments – 3-day Login
  • Bounty Token Card 14d – 1-day Login

So, it is easy to see how impactful this update really is, particularly because of the event.

After completing some of the challenges, to obtain the rewards, the players must open the Calendar menu in the game, and then proceed to the event titled “K.O Night”. On the Cumulative Reward tab, players can acquire all of the rewards that they’re eligible for.

The event will start on April 18th 2021, and it will last up until 28th of April 2021, precisely finishing at 03:59 AM IST.

There is plenty of time to accumulate 7 days’ worth of logins. So, make sure not to miss a login, because if you start anywhere from 23rd of April, you might miss on the Skywing Mk1.

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