How To Get The Tornado Goat In Goat Simulator


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How To Get The Tornado Goat In Goat Simulator! One of the most exciting goats in the game’s roster.

How To Get The Tornado Goat In Goat Simulator

As we know, a lot of the different goats in Goat Simulator can be unlocked after finishing a particular mission or achievement. Most of them have special mini-abilities, which makes them very wanted.

Like this, the Tornado goat has a unique ability where you can create a tornado and push away objects. The Savage is the quest you need to do to get this goat. It’s not a hidden goat, but the game doesn’t advertise much that you can acquire it, so it’s a pretty mysterious quest.

How to Get Tornado Goat In Goat Simulator

You can read below a guide on how to get the Tornado Goat :

  1. Go to the map Goat City Bay.
  2. Once there, you can start climbing the mountain to find the Wind Turbine. It is located near some rocky areas, and it can be seen since it is pretty high.
  3. After you find the Wind Turbine, you will see a staircase behind it. Climb to the top of it.
  4. On top, you will find the Windstatue. Lick it to attach it.
  5. Be warned it is on the highest point on the Wind Turbine, so to attach it you’ll have to jump.
  6. Find a tunnel that has a sign “Purg Town 7km”, but don’t go in. Instead, from its entrance, take a right.
  7. Go straight until you reach a dam style bridge. Go on it, and before the end, jump right of it.
  8. If you don’t see a Wind Altar, search around here. It should be there.
  9. Put the Windstatue in the center of it.

Congratulations, you now have the Tornado Goat! Your goat will mutate to having a deer skull as a mask. It’s an exciting look, and has similar abilities to the Repulsive Goat mutator!

This goat is a reference to a comic book character called “The Mask.” The Mask is a character that whirls like a tornado pushing away objects. Nevertheless, have fun creating tornados!

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