How to Get XL Candy in Pokemon Go


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For those who are not aware, each creature in Pokemon Go has a CP cap. This means that from the set CP, you cannot get more allocated to your Pokemon, or can you?

How to Get XL Candy in Pokemon Go

Well, there is something that might increase it further. Its name? Candy XL, and before you get excited, the main drawback is that you have to be level 40 to get it, or use it.

As many of you know, reaching level 40 isn’t a very easy task. Well, if you are already level 40 and want to get XL Candy, then you can by following this guide.

Getting XL Candy in Pokemon Go

xl candy pokemon go

There are a few different ways to get this item, and it’s not always a sure thing per se. It has random “drop rates”, since it’s a pretty special and relatively overpowered item.

So, how do you get XL Candy in Pokemon Go? To get it, you must catch more Pokemon, and also transfer creatures. Another way would be to catch a Raid Boss or getting and hatching eggs.

But, the most efficient and relatively straightforward way to do it is by combining all of your regular Candy to Candy XL.

The XL Candy was implemented not that long ago, and it provides a great way to take your creatures’ strength to a whole another level.

Reaching Level 40

Main issue of this system, as I said above is the fact that you have to reach level 40 to unlock XL Candy. I understand that the majority of the players are not this high of a level just yet.

There is no getting around this. To level up, you will need to grind the game. There aren’t any quick ways or shortcuts to reach it.

lvl 40 candy in pokemon go

What should you focus on? Well, the best way is to catch and evolve Pokemon, as well as hatch some eggs, and many other mini activities.

As for when you finally reach that level, make sure to have some candy saved up so you can ultimately combine it when you have the freedom to do so.

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