Minecraft: How to Find & Get Carrots (All Versions)


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Vegetables and fruit are a big part of Minecraft. These materials will be required for a lot of recipes, and sometimes they’ll be needed for pretty important ones too.

Minecraft: How to Find & Get Carrots (All Versions)

But it seems like that the Minecrafters out there, especially the novice ones, have trouble finding carrots in the game. Crops for example can be grown easily by planting broken up grass that is available in big quantities in the world.

It’s really easy to find carrots, and what we’re about to tell you will work on any version of Minecraft.

Find & Get Carrots in Minecraft (All Versions)

Most people will overcomplicate the methods on getting carrots. I’m more of a straightshooter, so I’ll give it to you directly.

To get carrots in Minecraft, your best bet is to find a village in the world, and steal some carrots from the farmers.

village with carrots

Back in the early days of Minecraft villages were pretty scarce, but if you are playing on a newer version, or the latest one, I give it 300 blocks before you see one, it’s really easy to find them nowadays.

Another way you can get them is by killing zombies. It wouldn’t be fair of me if I didn’t tell you about this, but realistically if you are looking for carrots, chances are that you are not yet geared enough to fight zombies in the night.

Not to mention that zombies can spawn holding a lot of different items, so the chances for encountering one that has a carrot are pretty slim.

What to Do with Carrots?

Let’s say you get a carrot from a zombie. You only have one. You can easily multiply the one carrot by planting it in the ground.

Craft a hoe with any material, it doesn’t matter if it’s wooden, stone, diamond, etc. Right-click a grass block and it will change texture. Now you can plant the carrot by aiming at the block and clicking right-click again.

minecraft carrots what to do

It’s important to mention that you have to have a body of water either touching the block or 3-4 blocks away from it at maximum.

You should look at some farm designs and ideas, and build your own farm if you want to start farming in Minecraft.

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