How to Kill Nigel Cass – Watch Dogs Legion


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Watch Dogs Legion has improved its story far more than its predecessors. The missions are extremely hard, and you get the sense that they have focused more on the story than ever.

How to Kill Nigel Cass – Watch Dogs Legion

There is a particular mission called London Protectors, which is very difficult since you will have to defeat Nigel Cass. He is a wealthy and powerful man who will do anything to destroy DedSec.

Worry not though, we will show you how to kill Nigel Cass in Watch Dogs Legion.

London Protectors: How to Kill Nigel Cass – Watch Dogs Legion

Nigel is an egotistical man, who is ruthless and will stop at nothing to kill you. When you get the objective Destroy Nigel’s Prototype, you will get the chance to face Nigel himself.

However, he will come at you with soldiers and machinery. You will have to think about your strategy heavily if you want to kill him.

We have devised a guide which will help you eliminate him, but make sure to follow the steps carefully. This is how to kill Nigel Cass in Watch Dogs Legion:

  1. After you get the above-mentioned objective, prepare yourself!
  2. The first thing you need to do when you will face the prototype is to bypass the network and cause an EMP – follow the line and make sure you get the connection.
  3. After the EMP, the machine’s defense will be minimal. Fire at its weak spots. They will be red-pinkish color, otherwise you won’t deal to kill nigel cass watch dogs legion
  4. The prototype will start again, so make sure you establish another network connection for an EMP.
  5. Attack the machine again.
  6. When its defenses are up, cause another EMP. This will be the most difficult one.
  7. Destroy the machine. Nigel will get out at this point.
  8. Kill Nigel now!

After you defeat the machine, Nigel will be defensless and you can easily kill him. After you shoot him, he will fall down flat and a cutscene will start. This cutscene will give us a glimpse into Nigel’s character and his faults, and hardships. On his last breath, he will be disregarding DedSec. Good luck!

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