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On top of the usual hacking mechanics you might expect from Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft has added a ton of new features that have never before been seen on a Watch Dogs game.

How to Get a Stage Magician – Watch Dogs Legion

There are a lot of interesting new mechanics, but the main attraction is probably the Stage Magician. The Stage magician is a character which you can recruit that can hypnotize people, and make them do as you say.

They are hard to find, so we thought that it be best to tell you how to get a Stage Magician for yourself!

Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Get a Stage Magician

This character posses a hugely unique skill set and, in many situations, can prove itself to be quite beneficial. Of course, you can also use it to have some fun with NPCs in the world.

As you might expect, the Stage Magician is quite rare, and it can be found only in a few locations. But even if you searched for the Stage Magician yourself, it would still be worth the effort considering how handy his skill set is.

There are a few two Stage Magicians in London. Here is how to get a Stage Magician in Watch Dogs Legion:

Beth Hall

  • She is a strange old woman, that passes unnoticed by people. However, she is possibly the most dangerous person you will meet. Her location is at Lambeth, more specifically:
  • It must be night time if you want to find the Stage Magician here.

When you see the NPC you can add the character to your party and she will become playable. To hypnotize people, you must use the Pocketwatch skill in order to do so.

After that you can either eliminate the target, or the target will become your ally. There might be more Stage Magicians throughout London and they only come out at night! Good luck!

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