How To Make a Bow in Muck


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Let’s start off by saying that bows might be a bit overpowered in Muck. If you’re having trouble taking down the bosses in this game, then consider using a bow as it can be much more powerful than a sword. But how to make a bow in Muck? Well, we set out to find that out. Below, you will find the easiest and fastest way to make a bow in Muck.

How To Make a Bow in Muck

How To Make A Bow – Muck

The workbench can be used to create a lot of things, but a common misconception is that you can craft bows on the workbench as well. This is untrue, as you can only craft bows on a fletching table in Muck.

So, the first things that players need to do is craft the fletching table. This can be done on the workbench though, and players will need the following resources:

  • X25 Birch Wood
  • X10 Flint

Once you build the fletching table, you will need to collect resources to craft bows. There will be four tabs, the first two are the ones you will need to craft bows and arrows.

In classic Muck fashion, firstly, you will need to collect the resources in order for the recipes to show up on the fletching table. So, what do you need to craft bows in Muck? Here’s a list:

  • X1 Rope
  • X10 any type of wood

To craft the rope, you will need to get x10 Wheat, which can be found relatively easy around the map, and x10 bark, which can be crafted on the workbench. To craft bark you will only need a few wood.

Craft the bark, and then the rope.

Transfer over to the fletching table, and you should see a bow or a couple of them become available in the menu. That is how easy it is to make a bow in Muck.

Players can also find bows in chests in the wild of Muck, in chests, and those might get quite strong as well.

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