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There are so many things that players need to do in Muck. Like any survival game out there, there are different tools, machinery, object, and other stuff, which you will need to make in order to achieve or get something. Just like that, there is a cauldron in the game, and it can be used to make food. But how to use the cauldron in Muck? It might be a bit confusing if you’re a new Muck player.

How To Use The Cauldron in Muck

How To Use The Cauldron – Muck

Like we said before, the cauldron can be used to make food, more specifically, cooked meat. So, basically, raw food isn’t that nutritious, so you can use the cauldron to cook it.

Cauldron is a station, and it can be crafted on the workbench. It will take x10 wood and x10 rock to craft the cauldron. After doing so, players can place it wherever they like, on a flat surface.

So, after placing the cauldron, interact with it. At the slot for fuel, players will need to place coal, or other forms of fire resources like wood.

In the slots on the right of the fuel, players can place raw meat, dough, or other cookable foods.

Most of the time, after cooking some food, it can be consumed afterwards, or be more nutritious. Since some foods can be consumed raw, but they’re not as nutritious as they’re when they’re properly cooked.

Coal is more efficient than wood, so make sure you use that, every time you get the chance to do so.

Also, in the cauldron, players can combine multiple foods, and also place bowls, to make complete meals. These are usually the most hunger-replenishing.

At the moment, there isn’t a list of all of the foods that can be combined, but players come across many of them daily. So, try different combinations and see what works.

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