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Muck is full of progressive things to do. You’ve got crafting, mining, smiting, and not to mention battling huge beasts. So, it is safe to say that things can get out of hand quite a bit. Players need to progress as fast as possible in order to be ready to defend against beasts like the Big Chunk. One item which might help with that is shields. Today, we will cover how to make a shield in Muck.

How To Make a Shield in Muck

How To Make a Shield in Muck

As Muck is getting updated constantly, there is not much information about which items are available in the game. A huge misinformation that people come across is shields.

Unfortunately, at the moment, it seems like shields aren’t available in Muck. This can be confusing as there is an item slot for a shield already in the game. However, that can be due to a number of reasons.

One is, that the item isn’t added yet. Since there is a slot for it already, it would be safe to assume that there was a plan for shields to be available in Muck. Nevertheless, the point is, everything points to the direction that this item will be added in the future.

Sure, there are a couple of things missing from the game, which make a lot of sense, but overall, Muck has received quite a lot of positive feedback since its launch.

As time goes on, there are many things that get added to this game regularly.

So, it is very safe to assume that shields are bound to come to Muck. As for what resources you will need to craft it, there is no information on that, but we speculate that you will need iron and wood to do so, like any other survival game.

There is also no information officially on shields by the developer, so we will have to sit tight and hope they get added in the future, as it might make a tremendous difference to the game.

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