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A sticker is a specific explanation of any character that can be utilized to express an emotion, an action. Sticker is something like emoji, but it has a larger size than emoji. If you want to know how to make telegram stickers and what they are, then stuck to this blog.

What are the Telegram Stickers?

Telegram stickers are a form of designs. When you start a message, it’s easy on you what you want to use in stickers for expressing your emotions. Stickers are mostly free, and it’s free to create them. Telegram stickers are faster than the picture formats used in messaging apps and this is possible due to webP format files.

Requirements for Making a Sticker

For creating the stickers, you don’t need any special account; you may create easy stickers using the android, ios, and windows computer. With windows, you can easily make designs using Adobe Photoshop whereas the android or ios platform sticker making can be little tricky.

You cannot simply take a photo and use it as you need to convert it into a sticker and these are the basic needs you have should have to make a sticker.

  • You will require a telegram account and your device should have the Telegram app installed on it. You can install the app on windows, ios, and Android devices. If you don’t have one, create by visiting on a computer or app.
  • The image must have a png format and the size should be of 512*512.
  • Images should be sent as files because image compression is not allowed in stickers.
  • You can transfer more than one sticker in an emoji, but it’s advisable that you use two stickers in emoji.
  • Use white stroke and shadow effect for an image in the sticker.

Creating Telegram Stickers on Android, iOS and Windows 10

  • Open the telegram app and find stickers bot. You can also visit to open this bot and it would let you make the telegram stickers pack.
  • It’s the method used for android devices. Once you visit the bot, click the start button, you will see various commands that would help you create and manage your sticker packs and the commands are as follows:

/cancel – cancel the current operation

/newmasks – create new masked pack

/addsticker – adding a sticker to a live pack

/editsticker – change emoji and coordinates

/ordersticker – reorders the stickers in a pack.

/delsticker – removes the sticker from the existing pack.

/delpack – deletes a pack

/stats – getting stats for a sticker

/top – getting top stickers

/newpack- create new sticker pack

  • Now initially click on /newpack and it will ask you to pick the name of your pack, so choose a good one.
  • (This point applies on iPhone devices) After having done with the above point; send a transparent image file with 512*512 square sizes. Click the attachment button to send the png file. Never drop it as an image, send it as a file or you will get to see this “please attach the image as a file, not as a photo”.
  • (These rules apply for the Ios devices) Select an emoji to attach with your sticker. When done, you will see “Congratulations, to add other stickers send the next sticker as .png file”.
  • (And finally, this rule applies to the Windows user) When it’s done, send the /publish command. It will ask you to send the short name of the sticker pack, send a short name, and it’s done.

Make more of this information and create your own stickers for telegram. Enjoy chatting in your own emotions and communicate in a better way. At, we post most beneficial technical knowledge to people who are looking for quality information about gaming and pc issues! Resolving any pc error was never so much easier!

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