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Most of the new launchers these days have features which enables users to move their istalled games to another install location. For example, Steam has this feature, hence why it’s so easy for players to manipulate their install locations. However, Uplay doesn’t have this feature, which makes it rather complicated for players to move their games easily, without getting overwhelmed by the whole process.

How to Move Uplay Games to Another Folder, Drive & PC

Today, we will show you the easiest way to do so, without having to reinstall your game from scratch in order just to change its location.

Move Uplay Games to Another Folder, Drive & PC

If you have moved games which are playable through launchers, you might be a tad bit familiar with this method of moving games. All you need to do is copy the game’s folder or move it to another location, and then verify the files.

It might be confusing for some when hearing about this, so without wasting any more time, let’s get into how you can move Uplay games to another folder, drive, or PC:

  1. Open up your Uplay launcher.
  2. Navigate to Games and click on the game that you want to move.
  3. Click Properties and then press Open Folder.
  4. Copy the entire game folder and paste it to the location to where you want the game to be.
  5. Press right-click on the Uplay icon in the bottom-right and Quit the launcher.
  6. Delete the old installation for the game and then launch the Uplay application again.
  7. Navigate to the game from the Games tab and click on “Locate Installed Game” below the Download button.
  8. Select the folder to where you have moved the game, and the launcher will begin verifying the files for the game.

It should take about 15 minutes to verify all the files after which, instead of a download button, you will see a play button and you will be able to play the game from the different location.

This process applies to all three destinations, whether it be to move it to another PC, folder, or drive, use the same method as the one outlined above.

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