How to Perfect Guard in Lies of P



With Lies of P’s parry mechanic, punish your opponents with Perfect Guard and watch them get staggered and their weapons destroyed.

How to Perfect Guard in Lies of P

Lies of P is an action-packed, soul-like video game incorporating many fun mechanics most Souls games use. And like any other soul, Lies of P uses the same base mechanics, such as blocking, dodging, and parrying, when dealing with enemy attacks.

One of the Parry mechanics, known as the Perfect Guard, is incredibly difficult to pull off as it has a short timeframe to make it successful. This article will teach you the basics and all you need to know about doing a Perfect Guard in Lies of P.

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How to Perfect Guard in Lies of P

Understanding a Perfect Guard

A Perfect Guard happens only when you press the guard button just right. This allows you to parry all the enemies’ attacks and protect yourself from becoming inflicted with any status effects.

If you time a Perfect Guard just right, you can easily parry, break enemies’ weapons, and inflict groggy status on your enemies. This action also consumes less stamina compared to doing regular guard actions.

However good as it may seem, doing a Perfect Guard is not always worth it. Sometimes, dodging the attack rather than guarding it is much easier. If you’re up against small-sized enemies, it is better to simply dodge their attacks than do a Perfect Guard against them.

Bosses and mini-bosses, on the other hand, have a couple of fury attacks that are normally unblockable but can be stopped by a Perfect Guard. And since these enemies are harder to defeat, you must practice several times to learn how to do a Perfect Guard on some of their attacks.

How to do a Perfect Guard

A screenshot of the Perfect Guard action in Lies of P.
Source: Snaplexity / YouTube

In Lies of P, unlike doing a regular guard, a Perfect Guard only has a small window to make it work, and most of the time, players will fail to do it. You may also need to practice your parry timing against the puppets in the Krat Hotel courtyard before attempting to do a Perfect Guard against an actual enemy.

Each enemy in Lies of P is uniquely different regarding timing and attack pattern. You must face each enemy several times and learn how their attack pattern works. To better block incoming attacks perfectly, observe them and break down each attack by learning to fight them separately.

Do a normal block on each attack a few times and visualize the small window in which you can parry it. To do a Perfect Guard means to parry the attack the last second before the attack hits you to succeed. As some attacks have long windups and others instantaneous, the tricky part is timing the Guard action at the right moment.

Breaking Enemy Weapons

A screenshot of the enemy glowing a bright red color in Lies of P.
Source: No Fun / YouTube

The only way to break an enemy’s weapon is to perform multiple Perfect Guards consecutively. Do note that this only works on enemies with breakable weapons. The weapons of most of the major bosses in the game cannot be broken. However, this works wonders against mini-bosses and smaller enemies.

The quickest way to break their weapon is to block a full combo attack perfectly. The indicator for this is when the enemy glows a bright red color. Note that the longer you take to do multiple Perfect Guards in a row, the longer it takes to break their weapon. This means you must be precise and consistent to pull this off.

Inflicting the Groggy Status

A screenshot of the enemy's health bar glowing white in Lies of P.
Source: Games & Apps Tutorials / Youtube

Parrying the enemy multiple times will not only break their weapon but may also inflict the groggy status effect. The indicator for this is when the enemy’s health bar glows a bright white color. This means the enemy is vulnerable and can be staggered by a charged special attack on them.

Staggering an enemy will inflict a groggy status—making them vulnerable to fatal attacks that deal much damage in a single hit. However, this is easier said than done, as it requires you to deal as much damage and parry as many attacks as possible to work.

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