How to Properly Insert a Disc in the PS5



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With the next-gen consoles now officially in the hands of players, everyone is quick to notice how different they’re from last-gen and what kind of things were pioneered.

How to Properly Insert a Disc in the PS5

However, along with pioneering RTX, and many other technologies, seems like Sony has pioneered themselves a bizarre design. There is no getting around the fact that the PS5 has an unusual appearance.

Whether we like it or not, we are stuck with it until they release different versions of the PS5. This bizarre physical appearance didn’t just generate some hate towards it, but also some issues. The main problem that players are having is inserting their disc properly into the PS5.

It might sound trivial, but since its release, many people have fallen victim to inserting the disc the wrong way. Thankfully, for now, there aren’t many cases where doing this has resulted in a PS5 funereal.

How to Properly Insert a Disc in the PS5?

It’s important to say a few things before giving you a proper explanation on how to do this. The plate on which there is a disc reader, should be on the bottom if you’re using the PS5 horizontally.

So, the disc’s face (the game cover side), should be facing the top, i.e. when inserting the disc, make sure to have the disc’s facing the plate which doesn’t have a disk reader.

disc ps5 side

The main thing that needs to be taken away from this is that the disc’s face, always needs to face the opposite side-plate of the PS5. Furthermore, make sure you place the PS5 on the side-plate which has the disc reader if you’re using it horizontally.

In the middle, you will find both the eject and the power button. The eject button is on the right when the PS5 is positioned flat, and the power button is on the left.

People are speculating on whether this was a deliberate design, or it’s a designer error. Nevertheless, with Sony, chances are that they have though about this, but chose to go for this look.

Whether you’re a fan of it or not, we are stuck with the weird PS5 design until Sony chooses to release the other versions.

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