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In King’s Bounty 2, it’s important to have as much leadership as you can in order to enjoy its benefits. What do you gain from having more and more leadership in this game? Well, the more leadership you acquire the more units you can hire under your command. In addition, more leadership points also mean better and more powerful units under your control.

How to Raise Your Leadership in King’s Bounty 2

So, how do you raise your leadership in King’s Bounty 2 so that you can enjoy all of these benefits I just mentioned? Follow my lead and I will show you the way.

Raise Your Leadership in King’s Bounty 2

Alright, so the most effective way to raise and earn more leadership points in King’s Bounty 2 is by increasing your XP levels. You can do this by farming XP, doing side quests, and completing the main story quests as well. I can’t say for certain which of these will give you the most XP but they are all effective nonetheless.

You can also try unlocking the glory talent, which instantly rewards you with 150 leadership. Still, one of the most exciting and fastest ways to earn more leadership is to do all of the side quests and focus on your main story as well. This gives you a sense of progression and makes sure that you’re having fun at the same time.

Why Do You Need More Leadership in King’s Bounty 2?

The main reason you should focus on raising your leadership in King’s Bounty 2 is so that you can expand your army and command better units. Let’s explain it through a simple example.

Each unit you hire is worth a different amount of leadership points. Let’s say that you want to acquire a unit that costs 100 leadership points. You will need to have 100 leadership in order to have that unit. Now, each unit that you hire stacks and requires more leadership. So in order to hire a new one, you will need 100 more leadership points, and so on.

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