How to Recruit Your First Operative in Watch Dogs Legion



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In the newest title from Ubisoft – Watch Dogs Legion, you get to pick your operatives to hack your way through London! At the start you will be able to pick your first operative.

How to Recruit Your First Operative in Watch Dogs Legion

After that, there is huge potential for hiring other characters which have certain perks and abilities. It doesn’t make much impact which one you choose ability-wise, but it can make an impact in different ways.

With all that said, how do you start? How to recruit your first operative in Watch Dogs Legion?

How to Recruit your First Operative in Watch Dogs Legion

After starting the game, you will be taken on a journey of Watch Dog’s story, and it will tell you everything you need to know before jumping in the game.

Soon enough, you will be taken to the screen where you can pick your party member. Slowly, all of the choices will diminish, saying that they are deported, which will leave you with one choice.

However, don’t worry since you will still be able to pick a character of a few people, there won’t actually be one choice. This is how to recruit your first operative in Watch Dogs Legion:

  1. Start the game and enter story-mode.
  2. Sit through the cut-scene at the beginning.
  3. When you reach the screen where you get to pick, make sure to choose a character which is most suitable for you.
  4. Click select, and then confirm selection.

Like I said, the perks are good to have but don’t matter as much in the long-run. However, as a starting point, choose an operative which has a good ability so you can use it at game’s start.

Soon enough you will be recruiting operatives left and right, so I wouldn’t worry that much. I personally like Megan Vian, because of the MP5!

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