Portal Reloaded: Chamber 21 Walkthrough Guide



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As you progress through this community-made mode, chambers are getting more and more challenging. Since you completed all the previous 20 Chambers you already know what to expect from the next ones. So far, most of them were not that challenging to complete, but as you move forward, things start to become more and more difficult.

Portal Reloaded: Chamber 21 Walkthrough Guide

Chamber 21 Walkthrough Guide – Portal Reloaded

To complete the Portal Reloaded Chamber 21, you’ll need to align the portals to open up the way for the blue light that is like a bridge to the finish. Make sure you follow the steps carefully as portal placement might seem a bit confusing, but in the end, it will make sense.

Block Turrets

To start, you should shoot a portal at the ceiling and also one at the wall of turrets. The key here is to shoot at the ceiling just as you are looking at the edge of the light bridge, just so the portal will hit the ceiling the right way.

Now you can pass by the turrets since they’re blocked. As you pass, you’ll encounter two sets of turrets down the path and a switch. Remember the switch.

Shoot a portal along the left path to block the left row of turrets. After that, you should shoot a time portal on one of the walls, in order to travel to the future.

Light Bridges

Obviously, in the future, you won’t see any light bridge walls. You have to shoot a time portal to where the light bridge wall ends in the present, just so you can begin the light bridge in the future.

That way it will go straight through the portal that you used before to block the left path of turrets. After that, you should shoot another portal just to extend the light bridge and block the right row of turrets.

Return to the Switch

Now it is time to return to the present. You won’t need the light bridge for a bit, so make sure you set up portals just so you can return to the light switch in the middle of the test chamber. If you don’t remember, it was between the first and second set of turrets.

You should press the switch and quickly go through the portal to return to the end. You should stand on the switch, which will remove the particle field high above the second set of turrets and give you a companion cube.

Light Peak

You should place the cube on the switch. The next step is a bit difficult since all the actions must be completed in this particular order.

  • Make sure to keep an orange portal in the present just at the exit and shoot a blue portal towards the switch. Travel through the orange portal on the sidewall and shoot a blue portal at the very top of the light bridge from before.
  • Next, shoot a time portal next to you just to return to the future
  • While in the future, you should shoot a blue portal and go through it
  • Next, shoot a time portal across from the orange portal just so the light bridge goes through

After you completed these steps, you should end up with a bridge that is heading to the exit.

Since Chamber 21 is a difficult level, make sure you use the video for further guidance.

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