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Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is a dangerous game, and you are always at risk of losing your life in it. One of the reasons you can die in-game is bleeding, and a way to fix this is treating your wounds, which will stop the bleeding.

How to stop bleeding in Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Treating and healing your injuries, it’s simpler than it may seem; if you are in a situation where your character is bleeding, don’t panic and follow these simple steps about how to stop bleeding.

Ways To Stop Bleeding in Ancestor Humankind Odyssey

Here are 3 ways that work great to how stop bleeding in Ancestor Humankind Odyssey :

  • Reach Higher Ground
  • Inteliligence mode
  • Use Kapok Fibers to stop bleeding

Use Higher Grounds

Higher ground means a tree, a hill, a mountain, a place where you can see the surrounding. This is very important, so you don’t get caught in the middle of your treatment and die because of it. Sometimes you might not have this as an option, depending on the degree of your bleeding. So don’t worry, this is just a precaution. It’s not a required step for this procedure, but it’s highly advised to do so.

Go into intelligence mode

After you have completed the first step, or not depending on your situation. Enter the intelligence mode, while you’re on its search for a tool called Kapok Fibers. If you have not discovered them yet, they usually grow in trees and can be found in large quantities around the starting clan area.

Use Kapok Fibers against Bleedings

If you already have discovered them apply the fibers to your body; after that, the bleeding will stop gradually. If you haven’t discovered them, try and find them, and if you do investigate them, by doing that, you reveal a new tool for your clan. After the investigation is done, apply them as we previously mentioned.

Kapok Fibers can also be applied before you go into a journey; you will protect yourself from future bleeding by doing this. Anyway, it’s highly recommended that you take some with you because you never know what will happen on your journey.

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