How To Unlock Chicago Outfit DLC Pack – Mafia: Definitive Edition


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There are many customizations for the player in Mafia, the Definitive Edition. Some outfits are extraordinary esthetically and achievement-wise.

How To Unlock Chicago Outfit DLC Pack – Mafia: Definitive Edition

Like that, the Chicago Outfit DLC Pack offers players a car, an outfit, and a unique gun. It’s relatively hidden in-game, so players don’t necessarily know how to unlock it.

We know the exact locations and will guide you on how to unlock the Chicago Outfit DLC Pack.

How to Unlock Chicago Outfit DLC Pack in Mafia: Definitive Edition

The pack is unique. It makes the player experience is a top mafia kingpin. This is because it gives you a golden gun, a white suit, and a white car.

For those mafia days, the kingpins used to have this distinctive look to showcase their power.

  • Golden Gun
  1. Start the game and go into Free Ride.
  2. Find and go to Salieri’s Bar.
  3. Next to the bar, you will see an alleyway, go in.
  4. There is a flight of stairs on the garage’s left side, leading to a rusty white door. Climb the stairs and go inside.
  5. Once inside, go into the storage room, which will be right of you. It will be separated from a metal fence.
  6. When you are in the storage room, look for a golden gun. It should be on the table to your right.
chicago outfit location
  • Suit
  1. Look for two doors opposite of the one you found the gun. It will be the same as the first one, white and rusty.
  2. Go to the right one.
  3. Climb up the stairs you see at the entrance and go into the first room on your left.
  4. Open the wardrobe.
  5. Navigate the choices until you see the outfit called “The Don.” This is the DLC outfit.
  • The Car
  1. When outside, go to your garage.
  2. Navigate through the options until you find a V12 Chicago “Smith.”

You are now a dashing mafia kingpin. As you see, the Chicago Outfit DLC Pack in Mafia is pretty straightforward to unlock. However, it offers pretty exciting appearance items. Good luck, kingpin!

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