Mafia 1 Remake: How To Unlock Boxer Outfit


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We all know that speed is essential in side missions in Mafia 1 Remake. Well, to get this costume, you will have to be lightning fast.

Mafia 1 Remake: How To Unlock Boxer Outfit

The Boxer outfit is a very unusual costume in the game and holds no resemblance to the quest. If you are one for achievements, then you must get this trophy!

We will tell you the exact steps on how to unlock the Boxer outfit!

How to Unlock the Boxer Outfit in Mafia 1 Remake

The Explosive Situation is a very tough free ride side mission. You will be asked to correct a mistake made by a desperate man.

This desperate man has equipped a few cars with explosives and has now realized his mistake. He will ask you kindly to dump the vehicles in water before they explode.

Beating this mission will get you the Boxer outfit.

This is how you unlock the boxer outfit:

  1. Enter Free Ride and travel to North Park.
  2. Go to the curb opposite of Pepe’s Restaurant and look for a ringing payphone.
  3. Once you find it, answer it, and the Explosive Situation will start.
  4. There will be three vehicles marked on the map equipped with explosives. Navigate to each car and dump it in the waters.
location waters

Before you start this mission, make sure to scout the shores to see the best and fastest ways to dump vehicles. This is a challenging mission, and that’s not an exaggeration.

You will have seven minutes to dump all three cars, which means two and a half for each. Look for ramps to quickly launch the vehicles, and stay on big straight roads where you can drive fast.

Furthermore, do not run or walk to the other vehicles. Once you dump one, steal a car and go to the next. On successful completion, you will receive the Boxer outfit, and it will be available in your wardrobe. Now you can proudly be a lightweight boxing champion of the world!

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