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In FIFA 21 a lot of players are eager to start selling and buying players and items on the transfer market. But for some, this might not be unlocked yet.

How to Unlock Transfer Market : FIFA 21

This is largely due to the fact that FIFA 21 has a safeguard system, preventing making new accounts and transferring coins to main accounts. However, there is a workaround to this system.

Today, we will explain it and tell you how to unlock the transfer market in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21: How to Unlock Transfer Market

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It’s ultimately good that EA thought of this possible misuse of the system, and rectified it with a simple safeguard. It can be annoying sometimes, but it’s fairly easy to unlock the market.

As you know, the first few days of FUT gives you a lot of starting bonuses and players, and players are making these kinds of accounts and sending the funds to their main account.

This is exactly what happened in FIFA 20. Nevertheless, this is how to unlock the transfer market in FIFA 21:

To unlock the transfer market, you need to play at least 20-25 FUT games.

At least, this is the recommended amount for games from the official publisher. If you are still having issues and the transfer market isn’t available to you, then consider contacting FIFA live support.

Usually, they take these kinds of issues seriously and chances are that they will transfer you to an EA specialist who will fix this issue in a jiffy.

It’s important to note that the system counts FIFA 20 Ultimate Team matches as well. So, if you have played more that 25 matches FUT in FIFA 20, then the market must be unlocked for you.

If not, I would again recommend contacting live support, because sometimes they do have system issues and the matches don’t count. Good luck!

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