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In Genshin Impact, the developers implemented a mechanic of collectible books in order to make the game’s world experience feel more immersive.

Genshin Impact: Heart of Clear Springs | All Book Locations

Each collectible book has a unique story inside, which can reveal a lot about the history of the Genshin world. It also has the added benefit of stamping an achievement of progress on your account.

That’s why we would like to share all book locations for Heart of Clear Springs in Genshin Impact.

Heart of Clear Springs – All Book Location in Genshin Impact

Like with any other game, the collectibles are very difficult to find. You either have to be exploring, or find these while playing the main story-line.

Collecting all of the collectible books – six in total, will get you the Explorer achievement. While collecting all of the Heart of Clear Springs books will give you The Voice of Flowing Water trophy.

With that being said, let’s get to it. These are all book locations for Heart of Clear Springs in Genshin Impact:

  • Springvale

Here you will find the first Heart of Clear Springs book. It’s located in a barrel next to Draff – Head of the Hunters:

  • Mondstadt

In the main city of Genshin Impact you will find two Heart of Clear Springs books. They’re fairly easy to get, the first one is located on a table close to Katheryne – The Receptionist:

The second one is inside the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. Once you go in, take a left to the first room. Inside the room will be a bookshelf with Heart of Clear Springs (III) sitting on it:

  • Dawn Winery – Windwail Highland

The last book is located in this library. It’s also important to note that you can find a couple of more book collectibles here, so look around.

Upon entering the winery go straight and look for a shelf beneath the stairs. This shelf has the last book:

As I said, these books have unique stories in them which will help you understand this world better. If you are a lore fan, then these books can make for an interesting read. Good luck!

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