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Obsidian’s new little passion project has stirred up quite a bit of fan fare for itself. By making innovations and strides in the right places, Grounded serves as a much needed freshening up of the survival genre.

How to Upgrade Your Tools in Grounded

However, not everything in the game is sparkly and new. Grounded’s tool crafting/upgrade system is fairly par for the course. Not that it’s a bad thing, but if you’re familiar with other survival games, then you’re going to navigate the upgrade menus easily.

What you need before you start upgrading

To start upgrading, you need access to a workbench. All of the tier-one tools can be crafted from hand, but you’re going to need to do some legwork to push past the upper tiers.

Keep in mind that these upgrades aren’t direct upgrades on the tools themselves, but a higher-level crafting recipe.

How to Upgrade the Pebblet Hammer

The pebblet hammer’s tier-two counterpart is the insect hammer.

How to get the recipe

Obtain a boiling gland, a bombardier part, or analyze a stinkbug part.

What you need to make Pebblet Hammer :

  • X4 – Stinkbug part.
  • X4 – Berry leather.
  • X1 – Boiling Gland.

What is Pebblet Hammer used for?

The main reason you’re going to want to get your hands on the insect hammer is to mine mints. You need these mints to upgrade the hammer to the mini mallet.

How to Upgrade the Pebblet Axe

The pebblet axe’s tier-two counterpart is the insect axe.

How to get the recipe

Find a bombardier part or analyze a ladybug head.

What you need to make Pebblet Axe

  • X1 – Ladybug head.
  • X3 – Bombardier parts.
  • X4 – Spider Silk.

What is Pebblet Axe used for?

The insect axe is going to allow you to harvest tier-two weeds. These weeds serve as some of the most important construction materials in the game. In particular, the insect axe allows you to harvest berry leather, which is used in other tier-two upgrades, including weapons and armor.

How to Upgrade the Insect Hammer

The insect hammer is the only tool in Grounded that can be upgraded to tier-three, as of August 2020. The tier-three variant of the hammer is called the mint mallet.

How to get the recipe

Use the insect hammer to harvest a chunk of mint.

What you need to make Insect Hammer

  • X5 – Mint chunks.
  • X9 – Spider silk.
  • X8 – Flower petals.

What is Insect Hammer used for?

The mint mallet is currently the strongest weapon in grounded, and the only tier-three recipe currently in the game. While it gives you no access to new materials, it is going to make harvesting insect materials that much more efficient.

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