Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Available On Mobile?



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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the next big thing in the gaming world and you need to be a part of it. Right now!

Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Available On Mobile?

Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have really created a video game masterpiece and the fans can’t get enough of! The fruity fun Battle Royale has already grabbed more than hundred thousand players on the two major platforms, namely PlayStation 4 and PC. 

But because the game wasn’t shipped for Xbox and Nintendo Switch as well, players are more than curious to know if they could enjoy it on their phones too.

Can You Play Fall Guys On Mobile

No, you cannot play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on your phone.

The mobile gaming has grown in a large way these last couple of years and it is a home to many hit multiplayer titles. Right now it is considered a legitimate platform and a serious way to crack some online PvP.

And with Fall Guys being an endless entertainment for many of us, we’re truly wondering why it’s not available for our phones as well. The graphics aren’t too heavy and the gameplay is certainly not too complex – they are actually easily adaptable to mobile! And if the fans are overcrowding the regular servers, why not give them another place where they could meet and eliminate each other?

The Reality Of Video Game Development

Although we aren’t sure why Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout didn’t launch for mobile as well, we can safely assume that it’s just the reality of video game development.

It takes a lot of time, resources, energy and people to reach the quality of Fall Guys, so it’s not that big of a surprise that the game wasn’t adapted for phones too.

We’ve heard answers from the creators that the game will only be available on PS4 and PC, but that they would love to work on developing it for the other platforms. Most likely they had to abandon their original ideas in order to get the game ready in the first place, but the promises here are strong.

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