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The Grab ability in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a powerful move that should be used to win more games. There are many serious players who take advantage of it so you’ll need to learn it as well.

How To Use Grab In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

When To Use Your Grab in Fall Guys

Sometimes you’ll need to make a long jump on a ledge. Tapping Grab in the right moment can help you clutch the surface and pull yourself up.

And sometimes, other players will want to grab you and push you off the platform, so it’s a good idea to grab them as well and push back.

Just be careful when grabbing for a push or pull near the edges because the game’s mechanics can easily betray you!

How to use Grab in Fall Guys

Whether it is player or a platform that you want to grab onto, you’ll first need to near them. When you’re in a good distance, press Grab and as long as you hold the button – you’ll stay attached to them.

“Grab” is something that happens when you use your SHIFT key if you’re playing the game on PC or the R2 key if you’re playing it on PS4. There are some finesses when you’re tapping this button, so listen up!

Here Are Some Great Uses For Your Grab in Fall Guys

  • Use Grab to push against your enemies’ ball in “Rock ‘N’ Roll”
  • Pull people away with Grab from your eggs in “Egg Scramble”
  • Grab and push enemies off the squares in “Perfect Match”
  • Dive and press Grab to successfully catch a tail in “Tail Tag”
  • Grab people and pull them away from the finishing line to get “Qualified” instead

Get creative with your Grab but remember: Timing is everything!

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