How To Push In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout



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To win your first crown in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout you’ll need a large sack of luck AND some skill. The latter one largely comes in the “push” and “pull” techniques which you can take advantage of to win more games.

How To Push In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

How to Push in Fall Guys

To “push” someone, you’ll need to use your Grab. The Grab button is on your R2 key on your controller or the SHIFT key on your keyboard. No matter which way you’re playing the game – the action is totally the same.

Grab will be your go-to ability when you’re in tight situations, to quickly push someone off the platform or pull them out of the finish line and secure your victory. That’s why it will be essential for you to learn how to push players in Fall Guys.

Use Push To Knock People Off Platforms

The perfect example here would be the game “Perfect Match”.

Most of the players here are either following the largest group or are standing still in one square. You can go near them, use your Grab and hold it while you move forward to push them off the platform.

Push With All You’ve Got

In “Rock ‘N’ Roll” there are people who will try to push back your ball. Here you need to maneuver in a way to push the ball in other direction, so try moving left and right to find the right track and throw them off balance.

“Pushing” is really crucial skill in Fall Guys and can be used in numerous situations. You can push players off circles in “Hoopsie Daisy”, into the pits in “Egg Scramble” and what not.

Don’t be afraid to use it and experiment. Just be careful of the other pushers. Rock on!

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