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In recent updates for Rainbow Six Siege, there was a new operator introduced to the game called Thunderbird. She has quite a few perks but among many, she has a Kona station which might make dramatic changes to the outcome of the match. But it can also assist your enemies if you’re not careful. So, because of that reason, read on to learn how to use Kona station in Rainbow Six Siege operation North Star!

How To Use Kona Station in Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star

Rainbow Six Siege: How To Use Kona Station Operation North Star

The Kona station needs to be placed strategically if you want to use it effectively. There is just no other way to go about it. After all, this is a strategy game, and the Kona station is just an example of how hard Rainbow Six Siege might get.

Nevertheless, there are quite a number of tips that might give you an advantage in your upcoming matches if you want to use Thunderbird.

Follow these tips to use the Kona station effectively in Rainbow Six Siege operation North Star:

  • Keep in mind which gamemode you’re playing. If you’re playing something like bomb disposal, then place the Kona station quickly after starting, near the bombs. However, if you’re playing hostage gamemodes, then it makes sense to use the Kona station as late as possible. Otherwise, it is not that effective.
  • Place it near cover areas. Placement is important, so look for areas that will benefit Defenders more than Attackers. Variables are different, but just as an example, place it near cover areas which might be more advantageous for Defenders.
  • Look at the time. A common mistake is using the Kona station late in the game. Sure, it heals Defenders very efficiently, but it also has a cooldown. So, make sure to use it as early as possible, and keep in mind of the timer, so place it where somewhere players can organize to pop in and out.
  • Don’t place it in compromising positions. Since the Kona station can heal your enemies as well, triple-check whether the Attackers will go through that area in more numbers than Defenders. Meaning, place it only in areas where you have pretty good odds that Defenders will be more present than Attackers.

Other than that, one last tip would be is that it takes time. It is a bit of an unusual playstyle or at least, something which Rainbow Six Siege players aren’t used to.

However, any way you look at it, Kona stations are quite a good addition to the game, it just takes time to learn how to use one.

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