How To Use The Anvil in Muck


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There is some confusion as to how some mechanics work in Muck. After all, the game tends to be a bit goofy, and using something like the anvil or a workbench or other stuff, might be confusing. Because of that, we though it be best to see how to use the anvil in Muck. Read on to find out, and to learn how to find new recipes.

How To Use The Anvil in Muck

How To Use The Anvil – Muck

What is an anvil? Well, it is pretty self-explanatory, but if you’re not sure what an anvil does in general, it is basically a huge chunk of metal which can be utilized to make other metal, iron, gold, or other metal items.

The anvil cannot be unlocked relatively at the start of the game, since you will need a couple of resources first, which might take a while to collect.

To craft an anvil a player will need a couple of resources:

  • X5 Iron Bars – made with a furnace
  • X15 Rocks

It can be crafted with the workbench, and it can be placed anywhere on a flat surface. As for using it, you simply interact with it, and a menu will open up.

There will be a few tabs there like other, tools, weapons, and armor. Use these to navigate to what you want to craft. For example, if you want to craft a chest plate, go to the armor tab, and the available recipes will be shown here.

The biggest reason why so many are confused as to how the anvil works is that there are no recipes showing up. Why is that?

Well, if no recipes are showing up, there is a good chance that you haven’t collected enough resources for an item, in order to become available. So, yes, you will need to collect a few resources if you want to unlock recipes.

It might be a bit counterintuitive, but it does work. As soon as you have some resources like iron, and other metals, recipes will be shown on each of the tabs on the anvil.

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