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Found your favorite YouTube video but unable to watch it in your country? Feeling irritated with the dreaded error messages? If yes, thus know how to watch the blocked YouTube videos easily with simple steps.

This generally takes place when the uploader has not granted your country to view the video. There are many ways by which you can watch that video, but we have brought simple steps to solve your issue. So that you can watch the blocked video sitting in any corner of the world.

Why are some youTube videos blocked?

There are few reasons why YouTube is restricted to your network. This blocking issue can happen if you are in school or work too. The network administrator may have blocked access to YouTube on the company’s or school’s network using a firewall. Most workplaces won’t let the employees watch YouTube videos in the working hours, so they do that. Schools want their students to concentrate on the study at school hours. These rules are crucial for the growth of one’s self and should be supported. But it’s good to open access to information as it’s the freedom age.

If you reside in a country that has strict online censorship, the authorities block your access to YouTube. For e.g. China does not use YouTube but South Korea has banned few YouTube videos. The lands where YouTube is not censored blocks some videos following the copyright laws of that province. YouTube uses geo blocking software to do so. For e.g., a US TV show will air in the USA only, so YouTube will not show the TV show to other country. 

This means playing the video following the copyright rules. Just like YouTube blocks many countries for different reasons, many processes are there available online to watch those blocked videos. 

9 Easy Steps to Watch the Clocked YouTube Videos 

  • Copy the link of the video you want to watch.
  • Now paste your video URL in the “enter video URL” option and hit submit.
  • The website will show you the countries where the video is allowed and where it’s not.
  • For the video to be viewed, download a VPN like “private internet access” from Google.
  • Now select a country where this video is available. Suppose Germany is allowed to watch the video, so to view the video, select Germany as the country. Vpn fools the internet servers and lets you change your country ip online in minutes.
  • You will see the IP address below in the “private internet access” app.
  • After the IP is set to Germany, visit the previous YouTube video that failed to play and refresh the page.
  • The video is now available for you to watch! Smooth!

Access YouTube blocked videos using the VPN. It’s the easiest, fastest and reliable way to see the blocked content online. It will keep your identity secret and safe so you don’t have to worry about the officials of any website or country. YouTube won’t even know that you are watching its restricted videos.

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