Best Valorant Agents : Best Agents To Play With


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VALORANT is a game based on unique characters called agents.

Best Valorant Agents : Best Agents To Play With

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Rainbow 6: Siege, these are all games with massive audiences that gave players years of enjoyment. They all share one thing in common – they all have cool, distinct, and beloved playable characters.

From Tracer and Mercy to the nameless but recognizable agents in the Counter-Strike series and the distinct operators of Siege, VALORANT‘s playable characters are in for a steep competition.

So, which one should you pick?

This depends on many factors. Each VALORANT match is different. Objectives change, the battlefield is dynamic. But the most dynamic factors are the players. You’ll need to pick different agents depending on the strengths and weaknesses of your team. The same applies to your enemies.

If you see that your foes are very aggressive and quick, counter that with operators that slow down pushes. And if your opponents are too careful and defensive, it may be better to push harder and punish their timidity. Know your enemy. If you die, take note of how it happened and what you can improve in the next round.

How do VALORANT agents work?

All agents have four main abilities. Here’s the general structure.

  • Two basic abilities that function similar to weapons. You buy them at the start of the round. One is usually a bit cheaper and faster. But don’t let that fool you, all of them can be extremely useful in the right circumstance.
  • One signature ability that usually recharges with time. Most of the time, you can’t buy additional uses for this ability. You’ll have to wait until it recharges. This is why many players choose to use their signature ability early in the round. That way, there’s more time for a recharge and repeat uses.
  • Ultimate abilities cost ultimate points. As the name suggests, these powers are devastating. Ultimate points are earned by completing objectives and killing enemy players. Ultimate abilities cost 6 or 7 points depending on the character you’re using. They are often once-in-a-match occurrences for most players.

Which VALORANT agent to pick?

As a player that’s new to VALORANT, we’d say that all agents are great. In the end of the day, it’s a tactical shooter. Aiming abilities and communication are the most important factors. It’s easy for a well-organized team to win even with less popular operators. Still, we’ll make a list of characters and why they are worth playing.


sage valorant character

Sage is great for newer players due to her mixed nature. She’s great for both aggressive and defensive play. Sage is VALORANT’s medic operator, being able to heal and revive.

  • Slow Orb – costing 100 credits, it’s a grenade that you can throw on the ground to slow down enemies
  • Barrier Orb – for the price of 300 credits, this ability creates a defensive ice wall that can be used to block enemies from accessing an area or for quick climbing in the small window after the wall is cast
  • Healing Orb – this special ability heals both you and your teammates. It can be destroyed by enemy fire.
  • Resurrect – this ultimate ability costs 7 points and can resurrect a downed player. In a game without respawns, it’s very useful.


valorant brimstone character

This bearded agent uses orbital strikes to support his team.

  • Incendiary – costing 200 credits, this ability allows you to set an area on fire, causing damage to anyone caught in it, be them friend or foe.
  • Stim Beacon – 100 credits, it spawns a beacon that increases everyone’s rate of fire and reload speed, be them friend or foe.
  • Sky Smoke – 100 credits per smoke, you can open the map, point to the locations you want smoked and an orbital strike will drop the charges. Great for providing cover or blocking the view of your enemies.
  • Orbital Strike – 6 ultimate points, Brimstone calls a big laser that decimates everything in its area of effect.


valorant sova character

Focusing on intel gathering, Sova is certainly a great operator for those that prefer to stay out of firefights.

  • Shock bolt – for 100 credits, you can fire an arrow that creates an orb of electricity.
  • Owl Drone – costing 300 credits, this drone can be piloted with remote control. You can see enemy agents and even fire a bolt to tag them.
  • Recon Bolt – when fired, this bolt emits a sonar-like signal that identifies enemies and their locations.
  • Hunter’s Fury – for the price of 7 ultimate points, you can launch a wall-piercing, long-range bolt that deals lots of damage.


phoenix valorant character abilities

This aggressive operator has abilities that are simple to pick up and understand but hard to master.

  • Curveball – costing 100 credits, Curveball allows you to throw a ball of fire which curves to left or right.
  • Blaze – A wall of fire that can be used for causing minor damage or as cover for your assaults.
  • Hot Hands – a recharging fireball, this ability explodes on the ground and creates a lingering area that causes fire damage.
  • Run it Back – for 6 ultimate points, you create a controllable clone of PHOENIX. You can still use all his weapons and abilities, and you don’t die if he’s killed.


viper valorant

This American agent focuses on poison abilities.

  • Snakebite – 100 credits, gives you a launcher that fires poisonous grenades.
  • Poison Cloud – 200 credits, it gives you a device that emits a cloud of gas when activated. It’s up to you when.
  • Toxic Screen – an ability that creates a long wall of poison that can be used for cover or to deal minor damage.
  • Viper’s Pit – for 7 ultimate points, Viper pit makes a big, poisonous area that deals damage and tags enemy agents.


cypher agent

A mysterious stranger, Cypher is great for intel collection.

  • Cyber Cage – costs 100 credits and placed on the ground, Cypher Cage.
  • Trapwire – for 200 credits, trapwire plants a laser tripwire between two walls. When enemies cross it, they are slowed down and tagged.
  • Spycam – plant a camera on a wall. You can see operate it and tag enemies.
  • Neural Theft – for 7 ultimate points, this ability reveals every enemy player on the map.


raze agent

Raze is a character that focuses on blowing things up.

  • Boom Bot – for 200 credits, you can launch an automated bot that goes forward until it reaches an enemy and explodes.
  • Blast Pack – for 100 credits, throw satchels of paint that can be detonated. They cause damage.
  • Paint Shell – this cluster grenade splits into four smaller grenades and costs 200 credits to use
  • Showstopper – a big rocket launcher that fires a charge that can kill enemies over a large area. It costs 6 ultimate points


breach agent

This operator is almost exclusively dedicated to breaching walls.

  • Aftershock – an explosive charge that breaches walls and after a small delay, causes damage to anyone caught in its effect. Costs 100 credits.
  • Flashpoint – for 200 credits, you can launch a flashbang that blinds enemies
  • Fault Line – create an earthquake that dazes enemies and can be fired through walls.
  • Rolling Thunder – for 7 ultimate points, you can spawn another earthquake. This time, it launches enemies in the air and decreases their rate of fire.



A spooky operator, Omen can teleport and use black magic.

  • Paranoia – For 200 credits, you can cloud the view of enemy players and attack them while they are disorientated.
  • Shrouded Step – teleport through short distances for the price of 100 credits.
  • Dark Cover – a dark smoke grenade, Paranoia costs 200 credits.
  • From the Shadows – costing 7 ultimate points, From the Shadows allows you to teleport anywhere on the map.



This explosive operator is made for quick, aggressive pushes into enemy territory.

  • Updraft – costs 200 credits and launches Jett straight up in the air.
  • Cloudburst – for the price of 100 credits, you can throw a smoke grenade that obscures vision.
  • Tailwind – launch yourself forward in the air.
  • Blade Storm – use magical knives that cause good damage and kill upon a headshot. Blade Storm costs 6 Ultimate points.
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