Immortals Fenyx Rising: Aphrodite’s Vault Guide


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There are many vaults in Immortals Fenyx Rising, and many of them can be hard and long, but nothing comes close to Aphrodite’s vault!

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Aphrodite’s Vault Guide

Well, there will come a time which you must swallow this poison, and thrust yourself into this unforgiving vault.

It might be difficult, but we are here to help you through it.

Aphrodite’s Vault Guide – Immortals Fenyx Rising

This vault is, like I said, enormous. So, instead of going in depth about every puzzle or little thing you need to do, I will outline the main puzzles, which sometimes can be re-encountered throughout the vault.

Let this guide serve as a reference for you to emerge victorious in the Aphrodite vault.

Don’t skip any of the puzzles or tips you see below, as they’re quite crucial. Focus on these things in Aphrodite’s vault:

Big Cubes

You will find these often in bizarre places, and they often activate ground buttons. Some might even go hat-in-hand with other puzzles.

For example, on one of the first challenges you will need to move the boxes from the left to the buttons, which will reveal a torch. After it does, you’ll need to shoot an arrow through the torch and ignite the other one below.

aphrodites vault guide immortals fenyx rising 1

Encountering Enemies in Gassy Arenas

There will be two places you will go to after the first part, both arenas. There will be some enemies here, which in truth, aren’t a big challenge.

What you must deal with though, is the unbelievable amounts of gas coming from the seeds. My recommendation is to deal with the seeds first, and then defeat your foes.

Disclosed Seeds

This part of the vault seems like the most difficult for more players as you must deal with multiple seeds. Don’t worry though, the main things you should focus on here is finding the buttons, and then burning the seeds.

Most of them will be ball buttons, so take the balls that you find and position them on the buttons.

Fire Balls

Find the ball in the poison gas in one of the rooms. Take it, but use your Fenyx grab, since it might be very deep down. Move it next to the torch and ignite it.

aphrodite vault guide immortals fenyx rising

Throw it in the room with the gas, this will disperse it and unlock another one. After that just repeat this process, as there is are multiple puzzles like this.

Slaying the Boss

Honestly, the boss in this vault is not as tough as you might imagine. But nonetheless, you should make sure to dodge-and-attack. This is the best strategy to utilize.

He might spawn minions, so deal with them as quickly as possible. Always focus the smaller ones, as they can be a threat if not dealt with. It also has an added benefit of dealing a lot of damage to Ozomene’s stamina.

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