Immortals Fenyx Rising: Medusa’s Lair Vault Guide


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Depending on what kind of Immortals Fenyx Rising player you are, you will either hate or love the Medusa’s lair vault. It’s a bit staler and unfun compared to some other vaults in the game.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Medusa’s Lair Vault Guide

Maybe that’s the reason players are having so much trouble with it.

Medusa’s Lair Vault Guide – Immortals Fenyx Rising

It’s one of those vaults that on first glance, it looks as though it is pretty straightforward. But once you want to get the chests, and complete the dungeon, that’s when things hit the fan, and it becomes more difficult.

For more clarity, I deemed it important to separate the Medusa’s Lair vault guide into a few separate parts:


  1. This is where you will need to get into the dungeon: dungeon location medusa lair
  2. Once you’re in, follow the path until you get to the first activator. Use it, and huge air pathways will emerge.
  3. Jump on the first one, and glide through all of them to reach the first platform.
  4. Once you do, let your stamina refill for a bit. Then, do the same thing again on the next section of the vault.
  5. Activate the next activator, and follow the air pathways again. Once you land, let stamina refill again.
  6. Follow the next ones. They will be in a circular placement and they’ll get you higher up. On the platform don’t interact with the activator, instead take a left.

How to Get the Chest in Medusa’s Lair Vault

  1. Shoot at the golden target to activate the air elevators: shoot thegolden target
  2. Jump immediately because there will be a timer which will start on impact. Go as fast as possible to get to the other platform.
  3. Once you do, shoot an arrow at the target again, but start controlling it.
  4. Move it in a way which will allow you to hit the target from the right way, i.e. from the other side once you are on the chest platform.

Completing Medusa’s Lair Vault

  1. Activate the button that I said to ignore before getting the chest. For more reference, this button: activate chest medusa lair copy
  2. From there, jump down and you will see a crack in the wall lower than your level.
  3. Follow the air elevators, and look for cracks in the wall to avoid getting stuck.
  4. Regenerate stamina on every platform you get the chance.
  5. After following them, you’ll get to the end in no time.

As I said, it’s not like this vault is hard in terms of enemies, puzzles, or similar. Instead, it’s a really annoying stage, with weird placement of chests and activators in order to confuse you. Follow the steps carefully to complete it!

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