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Upgrading and progressing your character in Immortals Fenyx Rising is pretty straightforward. Also, it’s a pretty cool system that the developers implemented, and I will tell you why.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to Upgrade Character

To upgrade your character, you will have to ask for help from the gods. In the Hall of Gods, you can deposit offering to the Greek gods and receive some godly powers and skills in return.

There are different offerings for whatever you want to upgrade, so let’s not waste more time and get straight into how to upgrade your character.

How to Upgrade Character – Immortals Fenyx Rising

Interestingly, in the Hall of Gods there are also different thing you can change, and not just upgrade. For example, there is a beauty salon where you can change your in-game character appearance.

So, to upgrade character in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you’ll have to go to the Hall of Gods and deposit wealth into all of the stations for the gods.

Go to one station and find a skill, ability or an upgrade that you want and deposit the needed materials to get it.

Different Stations

Each god has his or her own station, and each of them will offer different upgrades in the form of gear, potions, abilities, skills, etc.

These are all the stations, in more detail:

River Styx Cistern

Used to get skills and godly powers by depositing or offering coins of Charon. These coins can be acquired from all around the world, from chests, vaults, enemies, and similar.

On the right will be your Godly Powers and on the left your Skills!

Bench of Zeus

You can pump some iron here, or you can cheat by depositing Zeus’s lighting to increase your stamina. After you do, a cutscene will start where you actually lift some heavy weights and do cardio.

I guess the developers had some good sense of humor.

Kylix of Athena

This is the post where you can upgrade your maximum health. There is no indication however, whether this will increase your regeneration as well, but it seems highly unlikely.

Nevertheless, spend Ambrosia that you find in the world everywhere, to get drink a unique potion which will give you “life”.

Forge of Hephaistos

Thankfully, one of the most important upgrades, i.e. to gear has been implemented in this game. At the forge, you can upgrade your weapons, armor, and carrying capacities for both potions and arrows.

Use Adamantine Shards to do so, which you can find in chests or break them in the open-world!

Aphrodite’s Beauty Chair

Apparently, Hermes claims that you rip-off your skin to change your appearance here. Alright, cool. Your character will seem to like that idea more than going to the dentist.

Never mind, enough of spoilers, this is where you change your whole appearance. Basically, it’s the same as the character creation menu. Additionally, it doesn’t cost anything to change your appearance.

Cauldron of Circe

The Cauldron of Circe is a pretty important one. If you want to get some potent potions, this is your go-to place to get them.

Each potion will have different ingredients which can be found in the open world of Immortals Fenyx Rising. This is not an upgrade to the character, but it’s really important to have good potions.

Those are pretty much all of the upgrades for your character there. There are some other things there as well, that you should definitely check out!

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